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throwinwrenches 10-13-2013 08:51 PM

Harley paid , ZJ now top priority
As my first official post i would like to say hello to every one and thank you for the wealth of knowledge shared here. Ive done alot of reading here as a guest over the last few weeks and the info is overwhelming, Although not a newcomer to the zj I have owned my 95 limited for 8 years and finally thought it was time to belong somewhere. however I am a newcomer to the skyward ambitions we all share. this is my second attempt at my first post cause i think i fudged something up the first time. my apologies if there is a duplicate title thread. i have been a mechanic for almost 30 years starting in the back yard moving to the small independent then the dealership and back agian, ( in the back yard) . I'm in the "if it can be bought i can biuld it " group.
my initial goals are ;
try to achieve 10" of streetable lift.
33's cause i dont feel any larger are needed.
front and rear axle swaps with auto lockers , i want strong without overkill.
front and rear bumps with dual winches, home made.
im sure there will be more as destruction begins.
i look foward to your advice and disencouragment.

WhiteOut 10-13-2013 09:08 PM

Why do you need 10" of lift to run 33s?
Why do you need front and rear winches?
What axles are you planning to swap in?
Which transfer case will you swap to?

throwinwrenches 10-13-2013 10:16 PM

Well I dont need that much lift to run 33. If I'm going to go up I want to do it once . It will ultimatly be cheaper .
I dont want to run larger than 33 for a couple reasons and I'm sure they are debatable.
1 rolling mass, wieght.
2 wear on ball joints , tie rods , chassis clearance , they are probably best suited for every day driving
Without have to put outragess gears in .
I drove tow truck for many years and know the adantages of dual winches in extremely sloppy conditions.
Still up in the air about what axles , but 8.8 seams like the candidate for the rear have to figure the front out .
The 249 tc will be swapped for an atlas .

eagsc7 10-15-2013 12:39 AM


Originally Posted by throwinwrenches (Post 16813193)
try to achieve 10" of streetable lift.
33's cause i dont feel any larger are needed.
front and rear bumps with dual winches, home made.

10 Inches... Not in any kit form that I've seen. From what I see, I Should be able to run 35s on 7" of lift. If I wanted to run more, I'd be at some SERIOUS sawzall work.

I'm not saying to NOT have dual winches, but for the recoveries that I've seen and heard of, a 2" box on the front and rear(with wiring to match), and then a removable winch on the box mount allows you to either winch thru(from the front), or Winch Back to safety. AS an added Bonus, weld a 2" hitch mount to the front of that trailer, and grab a set of long jumper cables. Get another set of connectors, and make an extension for that time you have to winch another vehicle(or animal/axle/scrap for cleanup).

I'll have this setup on my rig.

riot1987 10-15-2013 08:06 AM

10" on 33's would be absurdly tall.

Mostly because 10" of lift on a ZJ is absurdly tall

Auto lockers? Like mechanical? I would not use an AWD Tcase with a mechanical type locker

riot1987 10-15-2013 08:08 AM

If you really want it that tall I would go with coilovers and 3/4 ton axles to make t worth it. Go big. That process is A LOT of work and money though

WhiteOut 10-15-2013 08:10 AM

To make it even remotely stable he'd probably need 1 ton axles and a wide tire lol. That much lift and 33x12.5s he'll flop it the first time he goes off camber.

riot1987 10-15-2013 08:18 AM


Originally Posted by WhiteOut (Post 16849345)
To make it even remotely stable he'd probably need 1 ton axles and a wide tire lol. That much lift and 33x12.5s he'll flop it the first time he goes off camber.


JohnnyZJ 10-15-2013 09:44 AM

unless he means 10" of total lift from where it sits now.......... that could be a 6" or 7" suspension and 3" worth of lift from tires. (stock 27s to 33s)

or possibly 7" suspension and 3" body lift......... ;)

OP can you clarify??????

CatSplat 10-15-2013 10:17 AM


Originally Posted by throwinwrenches (Post 16815649)
The 249 tc will be swapped for an atlas .

Unless you have one "laying around the shop", installing an Atlas for 33s seems like major overkill. If you desperately want twin sticks, flip a D300 and save yourself a couple grand.

throwinwrenches 10-15-2013 01:56 PM

I should have clarified 10" of total lift . I want to run 33 so I dont have to cut anything but maybe thats not
Possible. Wider stance I think will be a must. 1ton axles I think will be too much stress for the unibody.
You have all brought up valid points I did not consider. I only want to lift it once so maybe some rehashing is
In order. Thats why I'm here to learn from those who have won the battle .

CatSplat 10-15-2013 02:02 PM

10" of lift is craaaazy overkill for 33s, you can run 33s on a 4.5" lift easily (with correctly-backspaced wheels) with little or no trimming.

throwinwrenches 10-15-2013 02:04 PM

D300 ... that one is new to me . What did they come in . I like the atlas because of no chain to stretch or break.
Not going to install lockers untill everthing else is figured out . I knew I picked the right forum,

CatSplat 10-15-2013 02:53 PM

Dana 300, it's an iron-case gear-driven transfer case that came in many early Jeeps (and some International Harvesters with an oddball bolt pattern) before they switched to the chain-driven cases. While heavy, the D300 is quite strong and can be made even stronger with aftermarket internals. Atlas transfer cases are, more or less, highly modified Dana 300s with custom aluminum housings.

For what it's worth, I think a Dana 300 is also complete overkill for 33"s on a ZJ. Even with the 5.2 you'd have difficulty breaking a 249, 231, or 242.

If you're still interested in a D300, Down East Offroad makes a flip kit, and their instruction PDF may help you get an idea if what's involved with the swap:

Also note that an extended 23-spline input shaft from Novak may be required to mate a D300 to a 46RH, but I'm not totally certain about that.

JohnnyZJ 10-15-2013 03:15 PM

my problem is spending like, 15k on a 1k vehicle lol. big lift, atlas tcase, driveshafts etc. overkill for a 33" tire on a D35 or D44a. not needed.

swap the crap AWD, swap in a 231 and put in a HD chain (google it) then you are running a heavy duty 231. not that you need it; i've bea the hell out of mine plenty and its held up fine.

if a 33" tire is your maximum tire size and you don't want to cut fender, then look at either the Claytons or IRO 7" long arm kits. they are pricey. but for a 33" tire it will be ok lookswise. anything taller and it will look really dumb. trust me. i have 5" lift and my 33s look stupid small. overall that would put you at like 9" taller than stock given the tire size increase and suspension.

there are a lot of people that have done a 7" on stock axles and 33s and it works fine. any taller and it will look silly. personally i'd look at the IRO critical path 5.5" or Claytons kit and go with that. lots of room on 33s, works well and rides good. it won't be as tall as you want; an inch shorter or so, but your driveability will be 100x better. run a 3.75" backspace wheel, then you can go to diffs and stuff............. IF you still like your jeep after all that work lol

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