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DarkStars 09-22-2013 12:47 PM

Frying ECU's? Possible?
Hello! My 97 Limited started knocking and I started browsing craigslist. Found someone with a 98 Laredo with a "new crate motor". Kid provided proof he bought a "Reman Long Block" in 2010 but hardly put any miles on it due to ECU issues. He has receipts for buying an ECU from some place. He said at first he was having issues where it would run for a while and then not run. He'd pull the battery cables and let it sit for a while then plug it back up and it would start and run. Then it got soo bad that it just wouldn't start.

He said before it quit, the computer apparently said that it had a Coolant Temp Sensor bad (typical and my Jeep does the same bull) and he said it also claimed a crank sensor was bad and that he had replaced it but with no effect.

With that information, would you say its easy to fry an ECU? Can an ECU Damage electronics on say, a perfectly running Jeep like mine, if I wanna test the ECU's out on my Jeep to see if they run? And if there is something on his harness that's damaging the ECU what could I look for?

I would like to just repair this Jeep, its in much better condition than my Limited. only a small tiny dent on it and perfect paint.

cbr900 09-22-2013 02:15 PM

Id check the harness god only knows who installed the engine might have damaged some wiring.

DarkStars 09-22-2013 03:39 PM

Well I take out my ignition switch and put it in the new jeep so I can at least crank it over... Possibly do compression tests. Thing fired up on the first crank....

I now just drove it around the city for an hour. Still no issues. Maybe I just got a decently nice jeep with a new engine for 600 bucks.

Time to 4bt my limited.

The time now is 12:42 PM.

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