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kb9mfd 06-28-2013 03:58 PM

Front pump replacment guidelines?
I am wanting to replace my front pump and the torque converter. I am lining up the parts I will need but I cannot seem to find any good instructions. The manual I have does not cover the transmission and I am only getting bits and pieces googling it. For parts I assume I will need the following - pan gasket, torque converter, pump, pump seal kit, and fluid. (replaced the filter and rear seal a few months ago) Other than that, what else? I would hate to start only to find I need to order something. I am also thinking while I have it apart replacing the shift solenoid and sensor. A couple of questions I have right away is:

How much fluid because I am putting in a new torque converter?

I see in the transmission instructions to mark the converter and flywheel to get the converter reinstalled correctly, but if you are putting in a new one, how to you determine the correct position?

I have also seen both sides of what side of the converter to install first.

Does anyone have a writeup for the pump or the converter by chance?

It's a 1995 4.0 with a 42RE and I understand there are two different converters, is it possible to get the converter number without having to take it off first so I can get the correct one ordered?

Any other things I should know that may not be mentioned in the manuals or generic instructions?

Thanks for the help! - Jeremy

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