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jeffjeep2 06-24-2013 01:57 AM

front DS CV replaceable?
Hi guys,

Im happy finally im the one doing my jeep now, the forum has help me a lot and the mechanic charges a lot and knows less. I realize that after i removed my front shaft. there were metal like noise in front very load, as most in the forum suggest removed the shaft and the noise wasnt there anymore. Now here is my proble, Its a cv how do i replace it , i want a cv as well since i dont have the time to convert to u joint and not much of a 4 x 4 guy.


HandsOn 06-29-2013 06:46 PM

Just bringing this back to the top for you.
Here is a thread you might not have seen yet:
where they're talking about doing the u-joint replacement.
Even though that's not the way you want to proceed, it sounds like they've done some of the CV changes already, so might know the best way.

Have you checked at a local driveshaft repair shop yet? I would think, as it's a standard wear item anyway, that just about anyone that works on drivelines could build, replace, or order a new one for you pretty easily.
Plus, on the gambling side of things, you could probably find one in serviceable condition in a junkyard too.

Good luck.


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