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rpeAMP 10-20-2002 05:19 PM

Electrical system?
My friend just bought a used Jeep Grand Cherokee (97) and is having some problems with the electrical system. Sometimes when starting up, nothing electrical in the truck turns on. No speedometer, tachometer, A/C, radio, anything. The only thing that is apparent that works is the lights and the odometer. Any ideas here? Battery is good, and as far as I know, alternator is good as well. After we pull a few fuses, it works just fine (until it happens again). I think she also said that her power doors won't work after this happens as well.

Any ideas or suggestions?

BTW- My parents have a Chrysler Town and Country that did this occasionnally, so it must be a Chrysler-specific problem?

Thanks for any replies.

moabster 10-20-2002 11:44 PM

It sounds like you have a bad connection going to one of the computers. I would first try unplugging the connector the computer and spray the contacts in the plug with contact cleaner. (You should be able to pick some up at radio shack.) Also make sure the ground connections are good (tight and not rusted or corroded.)
You said it would come on after you pulled fuses. You may have a short or an open somewhere around the fuse block as well. Once you get the gauges to work temporarily, have someone wiggle the wires going into the fuse block to see if this affects the gauges.

Intermittent electrical problems are a pain to find. Be patient and don't be too rough on the wires or you could break something new.

Good Luck!

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