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post #31 of 140 Old 04-01-2009, 05:48 PM
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Originally Posted by jthayer0715 View Post
I tried this fix on my 98 limited and I fried my VIC before I even got to solder it ...it doesnt even work now. I guess I will have to get another one and hope that was the problem. Is it bad to drive without a VIC for awhile???
Won't hurt anything. VIC only informs you of courtesy sensors like coolant and light bulbs. If any problems crop up, your check engine light will still work fine.

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Originally Posted by greasefingers View Post
Excellent!! You do indeed learn so much more if there is no one else to turn to, except yourself. My ZJ does not have a VIC so I have no oil level or coolant level sensor. My oil pressure & fuel gauge did go bad, however. I now have fake paper gages glued to my dashboard instead
I want to see a pic of the fake gauges!

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My ZJ used to do this all the time. I got used to it....kinda kept me company.

Then I put a new radiator in a few months back. Haven't had the message since...?

The jeep never ran hot....even with the bad rad. Maybe the fluid flush when I changed it....?

Anyway....now I miss it. Nothing to keep me company on my way to work.

Maybe I'll go bust a tail light....or drain the washer fluider. That'll get the VIC beeping & flashing again!

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Won't hurt anything. VIC only informs you of courtesy sensors like coolant and light bulbs. If any problems crop up, your check engine light will still work fine.

I found a VIC on ebay for $30 hopefully once that gets here and I hook it up I won't have any issues. Maybe it's the wiring but I can't tell theres to much of it and I've had the jeep for about a month or so and its got 131,000 on it.
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Thank you

Thank you soooo much, your words were exactly what was happening with that anoying "coolant sensor bad", It is finally fixed, thank you
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Just unplug the VIC FTW !
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Or just disable the sensors you don't want to hear about! (depending on what sensor you're disabling I think some are as simple as grounding the sensor signal wire)

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Originally Posted by Ewout_vB View Post
Or just disable the sensors you don't want to hear about! (depending on what sensor you're disabling I think some are as simple as grounding the sensor signal wire)
If the solder is good.

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I should have joined this forum a long time ago. I have had this problem for years (after changing all 3 sensors nothing seemed to work) so I decided to finally fix it. The best part, the owner of a Chrysler dealership asked me how to solve the problem as his own shop guys could not figure it out. Major accalades to 'Phild328' and all of you that provided revisions on this topic. I will be removing the VIC next week to check the solder joints. Anyone have the link on removing the VIC? I thought I would save some searching.

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Just finished this fix, was a cracked solder joint just like the OP described, many thanks Phil!

The hardest part is disassembling the dash, but it's just a bunch of phillips screws and is straightforward, a little time consuming if you've never done it before.

I have very minimal soldering experience but had little difficulty getting a dab of fresh solder on the joint as there's enough room around each to work with.

Didn't see any other cracked joints, but my Coolant Sensor bad message is gone!
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Originally Posted by CZAR View Post
My ZJ used to do this all the time. I got used to it....kinda kept me company.
In one of the umpteen threads about this last week I made the same comment about how its like my jeep is saying hello to me everytime I hop in her. I get in my wife's yukon or my silverado and I feel lonely.

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Same Problem Here

Hello everybody. I just joined this forum and I am pretty excited about all the useful information I've been reading. I have had the same "Coolant Sensor Bad" problem on my 1996 GC Limited for 2 years now and it is driving me mad!
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post #43 of 140 Old 07-10-2009, 03:21 PM
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I was just about to give this thread a bump because I finally got around to doing this last weekend. It is so nice to not have that constant beeping

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myself and dave m of emmaus pa., did the step by step procedure above. success....no more 'bad coolant sensor' message. thanks phild328 and no1wolverine where ever you are. the 1996 jgc service manual connector pin-outs also helped (page 8w - 80 - 30)....your year service manual may differ.
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At least the 97 Jeep GC VIC is fixed!! :)

I recently moved in with a friend of mine who owns a 97 jeep GC. She has let me drive it and inquired about a whole host of issues with it, batted her eyelashes and aske me if i could fix it!?, from radio that has a intermittent display, to a blower motor for the heater/ AC that is intermittent,, ac that dont get cool any more, a VIC that likes to complain about the coolant sensor being bad and the rear brake lamps being bad. a rear windshield wiper that is seized, passenger seat heater that doesnt work, front stablizer bar that clanks around cause of the rubber dampener pads being worn, front tires that are wearing funny like its toed out, and last but not least a groaning noise from the left front wheel when a sharp fast turn is made with some uneven wear on the brake rotor!... WHEW! long list lol ive probably forgotten a few things, oh yes the radiator with a very small leak that you can hear depressurize when the engine is turned off and the 4 infinity speakers with that blasted rotted foam outer hinges!.....

ok witht at said i dug into some of the problems and partially diagnosed em ....... the front end tire wear (both front tires) on the outer shoulders is wearing the tread in the typical stairstep pattern like the wheels are toed out, i took a long hard accusing look at it and im suspecting with the rotor wear being very uneven the groaning noise on that side and the tire wear, the wheel bearing on that side is wearing loose?, ive lifted the front axle housing letting the wheels hang loose and did the usual mechanical inspection of the ball joints on the yokes and steering linkages, ( where i discovered the rubber dampening pads for the stablizer bar to be worn), the boots on the CV joints are in tact and i cant feel any play or roughness in them either i couldnt find anything loose anywhere. the steering on the jeep seemed a bit squirley on the road and the steering wouldnt return close to center after a turn was made, ( as a side note theres no shimming or vibration that i can detect on the turns either way). as a temp fix i toed in the allignment and that has greatly inproved the tire wear and steering characteristics, but still need to address the possible bearing issue and turn the rotor. since $$$ is tight i turned to the easier fixes that i could do ....

I recharged the R134A, 10 ounces of it and discovered theres a tracer dye in the system where i found the condensation drain hose that comes from the evaporator has the dye comming out of it under a uv lamp inspection, so it has a slow leak and being thats a entire dash deinstall im just happy to recharge once a year till it gets terminal then address it!.....but have AC back again!!!. i also tore into the stock infinity stereo unit and with a little inspection i found the power supply board in it to have cracked solder joints, reflowed all of them reassembled and did an uninstalled test of the radio and that solved the intermittent display!. next i tackled the intermittent blower motor, did a little looking around taping and shaking different wire harnases and discovered one right behind the glove compartment that was getting very hot to the point of melting the plastic connectors there was 2 rather beefy wires that the connectors had worked loose building resistance and corroded from the heat, i just pilled them out of the plastic connectors soldered them together directly and shrink wraped them outside the plastic connector, problem solved!.
then on to the dreaded coolant sensor bad as discussed in this thread!!!!!!, i tested the sensor, its good i tested the wiring along the way to the vic all good so i took the vic out and dissassembled it and inspected it as discussed here, ...no surprise there was about 6 or 7 bad solder joints the 2 outer pins in the connector were the most obvious, (i took real close up pix of the outer defective solder joints for reference if anyone wants em i can send upon request), i reflowed all 20 pins to be on the safe side and a few other on the PCB that looked suspect also for good measure... reassembled, reinstalled the vic and tested it and YEE-HAW! no more coolant sensor bad message!!!!. i confirmed the coolant sensor was good by pulling it out of the overflow tank and let the float drop down, and it read as coolant level low. though i still had the rear lamp failure message, i went through all the light bulbs and found that 2 of the 3 lamps in the 3rd brake light (center tail lamp) had been replaced with different value lamps "T906" instead of the proper GE922 or T922 lamps, the 3rd was the GE922 which was on its last legs to begin with so i replaced all 3 ..... i finally put a sock in that VIC'S beepin mouth!!! no more complaints!!!! Thank you to all that contributed to providing the solution to that annoying problem!!!, well have to say i didnt mind the beeping all the time on the long road trips as i just mentaly ignored it, my friend on the other hand she has a low tolerance of it!, but is thrilled to death its quiet once again . will keep updates going on the other repairs as i do them....... THANKS AGAIN to all!!!!!
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