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Fisher 09-13-2003 10:33 AM

Check Engine Light
Hey Guys,
I saw a same kind of problem a while back. Somebody replied with a way to find out what the light is on for....a series of turning the ignition on and off....Does anyone know how to figure this out? Fisher

automan25 09-15-2003 10:43 AM

Start with key in ignition, all doors closed, and all power accessories turned off. Turn key to "On" (not "Start") position; this should be two clicks forward. Then turn key to "Off". Repeat one more time. Finally turn key back to "On" and leave it there. Wait about 20 seconds. The "Check Engine" light will begin to flash the code sequence. The sequence will begin and end with a 5. For example if you have codes 42 and 36 stored in the computer, then the sequence would look like this:

5, long pause, 4, short pause, 2, long pause, 3 short pause, 6, long pause, 5

Write down the codes and cross reference then with the ones listed in the Chilton manual, or the factory service manual.

The time now is 09:13 PM.

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