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adgjqetuo 12-19-2006 01:25 PM

Broken Door Latch...PLEASE HELP... PIC
So yeah the last few days the interior lights have been flickering on and off inside my truck... I assumed it was the door ajar sensor, but when i took a closer look, I saw this...

This was taken in the Driver's Side door Jam...

The interior lights now stay on constantly while driving, (which maybe is better then flickering) and the alarm doen't "chirp" anymore when all the doors are closed...

Sorry if it's hard to make out, it was taken from my phone in a parking lot.

I'm guesing i might have to take it to a body shop and see if MAYBE there's another way to fix it without having to replace the whole door...has anyone seen anything like this before??

Please help though :brickwall

donkie 12-19-2006 03:45 PM

I've seen that picture at least twice since I joined the forum about a month or so can try to shim it with some washers or add a piece of steel on the inside to mount to, but the door is basically shot. Could have been slightly out of alignment, weak steel, rust, poor design or the hinges wore causing ever so slight misalignment. Good news is junkyards are plentiful, you might even find a perfect color match and not have to buy a brand new door which is not cheap

gunthagunth 12-19-2006 04:45 PM

if you know someone with a welder you can get a piece of sheetmetal from home depot and weld a patch over it. then take the measurments off the other door for bolt hole locations and opening and cut them in with a dremel or something. maybe do it before you weld it on there and position it on there correctly and weld it in place. dont use jb weld like they said to do on JU :rolleyes: .

95GC_Fred 11-06-2013 08:57 PM

Here is Door Latch Panel Patch Plate to MIG Weld Fix Door
5 Attachment(s)
Yes, 7 years later November 2013 , I created a CAD DXF file that you can give to a CNC plasma
cutter machine to create a Door Latch Panel Patch Plate to MIG weld over the existing cracked and
broken thin sheet door metal. Use 16 gauge sheet steel and counter sink the 3 T-30 Torx screw
holes to match the side you are placing the patch on (left or right side). PM with your
questions. This Patch Panel allowed me to keep using my present door. Yes I replaced the door's
lower hinge pin with Doorman Products Part 38422. Looks like 38423 could be the upper hinge pin replacement part
that has a groove and a C-clip for mounting the pin upside down. It says for Dodge RAM pickups, so might be wrong pin size.

Doorman Hinge Pin 38422

Follow these two links for more details.
Fabrication Forum CAD Files and Pictures


More Pictures and the DXF and PDF files

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