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deadwood 07-21-2013 08:24 PM

Bike rack on factory crossbars
Is there a fork bike rack mount that will clamp directly to the factory crossbars? Searched forum and Google. Nothing definitive found...

dnuccio 07-21-2013 10:21 PM

i doubt theres one made specifically for the jeep, but theres probably universal ones you could make work.

quintdavison 07-22-2013 01:19 AM

I bought some older Thule racks for cheap because they used u clamps to mount on, but turned out the u wasn't wide enough, I ended up just drilling holes in the crossbars for them to mount. Work great! I know inno racks have universal mounting that will work. Another option if you want cheap and fork rack... Just get the $11 fork mounts from amazon that are for truck beds. Bolt them into the front or back crossbar and just use a bungee to hole the back tire on the other cross bar. Some options for you!

deadwood 07-22-2013 12:44 PM

Looks like these will do the trick.

deermjd 07-22-2013 12:53 PM

I had good experience using a Rocky Mounts on the factory roof rack of my Grand Cherokee. A simple and inexpensive alternative to buying an entire aftermarket rack system (i.e. Yakima, Thule). However it is not as secure. Just something to consider.

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