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StridAst 06-09-2013 01:15 PM

axle u-joint
Ok the latest project on my "new" zj is to solve the squeaking problem. I hear a squeaking/chirping from the drivers side front wheel. This sound is not audible above 40mph, isn't tied to rpm but increases with vehicle speed. It also goes away when I apply the brakes. The u-joint looks dry and rusty and as an experiment I hit it carefully with some wd40. The squeaking went away for about 10 min of driving.

Also I noticed it king of binds a bit on a really tight turn. But only on really tight turns. I swapped a 242 in a week ago, so I am just noticing the binding as seperate from the 249 problems I was also having.

The brakes are rusty looking but have 1/4 inch left on the pads.

My questions are : #1 can these u-joints be greased or is the u-joint just failing and in need of replacing?

#2. Is it even the u-joint if the sound stops when braking? Or would that be more of it just changes the stress when decelerating?

#3 if I have to replace the u-joint should I to ahead and replace the hub as a pre-emptive strike against wheel bearings going out eventually?

The ZJ in question is a 94 limited with the 5.2 engine. I am also quite new to car repairs. I've swapped a 242 in and changed out a oil pressure sending unit. That's the limit of my experiance in repairs so far. How hard is changing out a bad u-joint?

dnuccio 06-09-2013 01:25 PM

u joints arent too hard. theyre very easy if you have access to a small shop press. if not you can just use a BFH. theres lots of videos on youtube on how to replace u joints

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