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hvydrop77 10-21-2013 04:23 AM

96 zj 4.0l 42re intermittent trans problems
Hey guys, I've searched for quite a while about this and I've also talked to a couple of long time mechanically inclined friends and I can't come up with straight answer. First off, I have a 96 grand Cherokee 4.0l with a 42re trans and a 242 transfer case. The problem I am having isn't always constant which is what is confusing. Starting out in 1st it'll shutter every now and Then like its trying to hook up but it doesn't want to, then in second it'll loose it completely at about 1600 rpm until I feather the gas and it hooks back up,, after that it'll be fine all the way through. Then at times it won't shutter in 1st and just loose in it second gear until I feather the gas and its fine after that. And then other times it'll rev in first and act like its got a manual clutch and slowly gain speed as if I were slowly letting off the clutch to let it grab. And lastly other times it'll be completely fine. I plan on doing an ax15 swap In the future but the funds for that aren't here right now so I just wanna keep this transmission alive for as long as I need to. So far I've changed the fluid and the filter, and adjusted the kick down cable. Any info will be greatly appreciated and if your in the Fayetteville nc area will be rewarded with a wheeling trip and a 6 pack. Thanks

hvydrop77 10-21-2013 06:04 AM

I was bored waiting in the parking lot so I decided to mess with the kick down cable and now I can only get 1st gear to shutter when I gun it, and I can feel it slipping in second but its less noticeable now. Still searching.

The time now is 03:50 AM.

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