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Eric1080 08-23-2009 08:25 PM

94 GC 318 replace 46rh w/ dodge NV3500
am i crazy? maybe. i have a 94 GC w/ 318 and 46rh (bad). I have a NV3500 (5speed) from a 93 dodge ram w/ 318. from what i have studied via the internet, it should bolt up. i hear something about the starter being on the wrong side??? and obviously having to add clutch, slave, pilot bearing, and xj clutch pedal. and something about machining the input for the manual transmission. I read on JF about someone doing this conversion. Anyone else have any experience and any thoughts to this possible conversion. BTW- the jeep isnt worth much so if i F it up i wont lose any sleep over it. :cheers2:

Kruzin 08-23-2009 09:25 PM

It's been done, but it aint easy.
Like you said, the starter is on the opposite side, which requires some fab work.
If you can find a 93/94 4.0 manual ZJ, that would at least make the clutch pedal set-up easier.

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