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PurpleSplat 06-13-2012 06:05 PM

'00 4.7L muffler question.
So... in 2008 I replaced the original muffler with a cheap Speedy generic muffler. Fuel mileage actually went down when I changed it and it's due to be changed again, but I hesitate as the bigger the hole and louder the muffler gets, the less fuel I actually use. Right now I'm getting about 600km to a tank with E10 fuel on highway driving. The last fill-up said I got 12.9L/100km

Bottom line is that the muffler is getting quite loud now and really does need to be changed, but I don't want to change it for one that'll create too much back pressure reducing my fuel economy. I was thinking of possibly getting a Magnaflow, with maybe the dual out tail pipes.

Anyone have any suggestions of a muffler that'll not affect my gas mileage?

2000 Grand Cherokee Laredo.
4.7L V8


congerz83 06-13-2012 09:02 PM

You're in the ZJ (93-98) section... Go check out the WJ side...

The time now is 12:14 PM.

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