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rksnow1 08-05-2013 07:11 PM

YJ TF999 SWAP- Belly Pan and mount Questions
Hi everyone. Im in the middle of swapping a TF999 trans into my 89 YJ with 4.2 and getting rid of the Peugot BA. I have the trans, transfer case, driveshafts etc. installed. All I I have left is the belly pan skid plate and mounts. My problem is I cant seem to get the belly pan to push up far enough to sit flush against the frame.

This was going to be a weekend project but life and work got in the way and now has been sitting over the last few months in spare time. Unfortnately my garage is cluttered and the trans mounts and torque arm and such have gotten mixed together.

Does anyone have a picture of the correct trans mounts, torque arm, belly pan and spacers etc for the automatic trans set up? (an install write up would be great too). I may have used the wrong mount pieces for the belly pan/ trans mounting.

I have two of the trans mount brackets to choose from, I think they are called torque stud or torque arms, might be wrong.. either way, one was much flatter and the other had a two or so inch rise to it. I had it in my notes to use the the taller mount but not sure if that it is right after I installed it. when I try and install the belly pan I seem to be a few inches low now.

Im done working on it for the day but wanted to ask for pictures before I lower everything and try the other mounts. I have another jack coming tomorrow and will try to lift the trans a little more but I dont want to force anything.

Thanks again Jeep Pros...

superj 08-06-2013 04:39 AM

i can grab a pic this afternoon, after work.

rksnow1 08-06-2013 06:44 AM

Superj, Thanks I would really appreciate it!

The time now is 04:02 AM.

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