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rustywrangler 07-09-2008 08:42 PM

► YJ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Write Ups & stock specs. Look here first


Engine Tech / Engine Swap / Carb Section:


Transfer Case:

Axles / Steering / Brakes / Drive Shafts:


Body / Frame:

Exhaust / Emissions:

Armor / Recovery:



Heating and A/C:

rustywrangler 10-15-2009 07:40 AM

Engine Tech / Engine Swap / Carb Section:
Basic Maintenance- Engine Oil Change

Basic Maintenance- Fuel Filter replacement

Basic Maintenance - 4.0L serpentine belt tension adjustment

Basic Maintenance - Carter Carb Tear Down and basic rebuild kit, How-To

Team Rush Mod Write-up with pics

Howell TBI Fuel Injection Kit Install

4.2 ECU repair, how-to

Hard or No Start/Long cranks in the cold explained

Weber 32/36 Install

Weber 34/34 Tuning

Diesel 4Bt Cummins Swap

Chevy 4.3/700R4/231C Swap Details

4.0 Swap, Everything You Need To Know Is Here

The Original Nutter Bypass

A Picture Guide To the "Nutter Bypass"

The "Nutter Bypass" The JeepForum Way

Hummer Style Intake Write-Up

How to tell what water pump you need

Blazin Den Hand Throttle Write Up

Feetwet's Hand Throttle Install

Grand Cherokee 136A Alternator Write Up

rustywrangler 10-15-2009 07:41 AM

Basic Maintenance - BA-10 Oil Change

Basic Maintenance - AX-15 Oil Change

Basic Maintenance - Trans Mount Replacement

Basic Maintenance - The External Clutch Slave Unit Replacement

Basic Maintenance - Removing the shifter knob, How-To

Separating The Upper Shift Lever From The Lower, How-To

Clutch Master Cylinder Replacement Write-Up

How To: Remove Clutch Pedal assembly for repair/replacement

AX-15 Internal to External Slave Cylinder Swap, Write Up

AX-15 Internal to External Slave Cylinder Swap, Write Up

AX-15 Shift Tower Bushing Replacement, How-To

BA-10/5 To AX-15 Trans Swap, How-To

Peugeot BA10/5 to NV3550 Trans Swap, How-To

AX-5 TO AX-15 Swap Behind A 2.5L Swap

AX-5 TO NV3550 Swap

NV3550 Shifter Removal

How to Add A Breather Line to Your AX-5 Transmission

AX-5 5th gear clip/collar repair without trans removal

TF999 became the 32RH

Interlocks/shift rails for the AX 15

Swapping the NV3550 to the AX15

rustywrangler 10-15-2009 07:41 AM

Transfer Case:

Basic Maintenance - 231 Fluid Change, How To

NP231 Output Shaft/Seal Leak, How-To Repair Write-Up

NP231 and Dana 300 Combo Write-Up

T-Case Shifter Z-Gate Elimination Write-Up

NP 231 rebuild/SYE install, How-To

How-To Install An SYE With The Tcase In The Jeep

RikRotorHead ~True Neutral Plate~

rustywrangler 10-15-2009 07:44 AM

Axles / Steering / Brakes / Drive Shafts:

Basic Maintenance - Diff Fluid Change/Service

Basic Maintenance - Front end alignment check

Basic Maintenance - Wheel stud removal/replacement

How-To Gear Install, By Joe Dillard

Lower Steering Shaft Bearing Replacement

Steering Gear Box Adjustment, How-To

Home Made Posi-Lok Setup, Install

How to: Vacuum Disco Elimination, Axle Tube Sleeve Fix, ubolt eliminator - 56K beware

Ford 8.8 E brake solution, install

How to decipher what disk brakes you need in your stock rig

Dana 30 Axle U Joint Replacement, How-To

TJ Dana 30 Solid Axle Shaft Conversion

Durango Steering Box Writeup, In a ZJ but the same concept

Do It Yourself Dana 44 Axle Truss, How-to

How To: Remove Brake Pedal assembly for repair/replacement

DIY XJ Front Driveshaft Shortening

Dana 30 Passenger CAD Seal Install

rustywrangler 10-15-2009 07:44 AM

Suspension: you need know about shocks work why you need them

SOA Parts List/Reference Guid

Rough Country 2.5" Lift Kit Install

Rough Country 4" Lift Kit Install

BDS 2" Lift Kit Install, Detailed

S10 "Bastard Pack" spring lift. Budget lift.

Shackles and Shackle Lifts, Everything You Need To Know

How-To Extend Your Rear Upper Shock Mount

Sway and Track bar removal, How-To

rustywrangler 10-15-2009 07:45 AM

Body / Frame:

Basic Maintenance - How To Clean Cloudy Turn Signal Lenses

write-up: how to install TJ uppers on YJ 1/2 doors w/ YJ hard top

Bestop Fiberglass Upper Door Sliders Install

WHY is there water under my dash, Troubleshooting water under the dash, write-up, how-to......

YJ Tub Removal, How-To

Body Mount Bolt Locations (For BL) - Detailed Write-Up W/ Pix

CJ Front End Install On A YJ

Mirror Mount Mod

Fuel Door Filler Relocation, Write-Up

Gas Tank/Fuel Pump Access Panel, How-To

Rear Frame Rot Repair

Custom Rear Frame Cross Member

How To Replace Nutsert For Transfer Case, Removal and Install

15-20 Gallon Tank Conversion

How-To Fill Holes In The Tailgate When You Remove The Stock Tire Carrier

YJ To TJ Front Grill Swap, Fabrication and Write up

TJ Flares on a YJ

rustywrangler 10-15-2009 07:45 AM

Exhaust / Emissions:

Replacing Your Cracked Exhaust Manifold - HOW-TO

4.2 manifold gasket replacement

rustywrangler 10-15-2009 07:45 AM

Armor / Recovery:

Home Made Winch Plate Write-Up, Install I

Home Made Winch Plate Write-Up, Install II

Front Tow Hook Install

rustywrangler 10-15-2009 07:46 AM


Basic Maintenance - Seat belt reel service

Basic Maintenance - Bikini top velcro repair

Replacement YJ Seat Swap Master List, How-To's

Herculiner How To, with questions and answers

CJ Dash Into A YJ Swap Write-Up

How-To Remove the metal dash support frame

Ammo Can Center Console Install, How-To, Tips

TJ upper sliders on YJ half doors, How-To

Custom back seat cargo rack

rustywrangler 10-15-2009 07:46 AM


Basic Maintenance--Ignition switch

Ford Taurus Wiring Solution Cheap

Basic Maintenance - Headlight switch inspection/replacement

Dual battery and High Amp alternator write-up

E Rock's Sanden On Board Air (OBA) Write-Up

York On Board Air (OBA) In A 4.2 W/Serp Belt Write-Up

Replacing Capacitors in a 2.5L ECU, A Crash Course In Brain Surgery

OFFROAD LIGHT wiring, dual purpose How-To

Taurus Electric Fan Install, Write-Up

Home Brew Speaker Pods

Dash speaker install

Polk Dash Speaker install, write-up

Custom Wrangler Sound System Write-Up and Install

Radio Delete plate/Double switch panel install

Custom center dash switch setup/headlight switch relocation.

LED Dash Lights, Write-Up

Home Brew YJ switch panel

LED Tail Lights. Write-Up/Install W/Pics

4" LED Tail Light Install, write up

LED Side marker light write up

Head light relay mod write up with pics...WOW what a difference

rustywrangler 11-03-2009 07:33 AM

Heating and A/C:

Chevy blower motor install
This is replacing your stock blower motor with one from a Blazer (about 15 bucks new) for appx 5x airflow
*note on blazer motor upgrade
Heater Upgrade
Heater upgrade (amazing)
Heats kinda blaa....

Sentinal's Heat Deflectors
I put these in every YJ I've had, best heat mod ever, with or without the Blazer motor upgrade. Not sure if he's still making them though
Better Heat in a YJ!
Heat in a YJ
dash air vents

Heater/vent vacuum connections to get flaps opening / closing correctly
Top thread in progress on how the vac system can open, close the right flaps, producing more airflow
My heater blower puts out more air when not running, here's why
Defrost ductwork hose install
heater gone dead
heat doesnt seem warm enough
Heater Control

More airflow using hood scoop on cowl vent
Hood scoops worth the money?

Hard and Soft top insulating ideas and write ups
Soft or Hard top insulator
Cheap soft top padding replacement
Hard Top Headliner
Hardtop Headliner??
Hard top heat insulation. I need some hint for a friend please
Hard Top Insulation

Additional aux heaters for rear seats and supplimental heat
anyone use this heater?
Electric heater?

Thermostat, Waterpump, Coolant, Heater Core related info to get max heat
No Heat
Fusible Link?
Temperature gauge
Jeep still over heating even after head job
2.5 YJ overheating
Wrangler has poor heat and runs cool
heater gone dead
Heater Core

Cracking windows in butal cold temps
Damn cold weather!
Frost on Plastic Windows

Trans issues in the cold
need help please (manual tranny shifting difficult when cold)
Jeep troubles continue... shifting
cold weather, stuck in gear
Jeep hates the winter
shifting in winter
Extreme Cold Weather

Shrinking top, snow care for soft top
Cheap wal-mart remedy for a prop top?
Snow on soft-top
ice/snow + Soft Top
Softtop & winter
first cold weather with jeep - question?

Rear defroster wiring
wiring needed for rear defroster
95 Wrangler Rear Defroster?
Hardtop wiring
rear defroster
light and defroster on hardtop

Windshield thawing without cracking it when cold
Are my wife and I so ugly we crack glass?
Unlimited Back Window exploded
Defroster breaks windshield

Hard starting in the cold
hard to start when she sits for a day
Cold Start Turned Into No Start...Problem Resolved...Lesson Learned...
hard to start when she sits for a day

rustywrangler 11-12-2009 05:11 PM


rustywrangler 10-07-2010 01:00 PM

Added a few more links. Looking for anyone with an exhaust write up at all.

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