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Raven4424 01-05-2012 11:53 AM

Yj 4x4 problem
I'm having issues with the 4 wheel drive. The previous owner has removed the vacuum system and installed a posi lock system on the front. Here's the problem when put in 4 wheel and you start to drive the jeep pulls to the pass side hard as the wheel is not locking in. So I jacked up the pass side of the jeep and took off posi system and slid collar over to see what was going on. With 4 wheel locked in and collar slid over to engage it I can spin tire forward a couple times and then it will lock and I can't turn it. But if I rock the wheel backwards it comes unlocked and I can free spin the wheel again couple times and it locks. So what you think is stoping it from engaging?

The time now is 11:59 PM.

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