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jerrys yj 10-22-2001 08:33 PM

when i make tight turns in 4x4 my jeep bounces forward! WHY???
okay heres my problem. when i put my 91 yj into fourwheel drive and try to make tight turns it feels as if the jeep is lunging forward and stopping and just wont turn nor

evilpsych 10-22-2001 08:54 PM

dont turn so sharply and you wont have that problem.. or.. turn as sharp has you want and replace U-joints and axles often.. it's your choice..

Atropine 10-24-2001 05:45 AM

You have 4 wheels trying to move forward at the same time instead of 2. Also keep in mine that these are your turning wheels too. The only vehicles that wont do this are AWD systems that are designed for full time 4WD.

cooksterdog 10-24-2001 01:45 PM

Ok, if your jeep is in 4x4, it is trying to drive BOTH front wheels straight ahead. If you remember, a diffential is supposed to let one wheel move farther, and faster than the other when going around a corner. BUT in 4x4 the diffs work against each other, in that they drive both wheel straight. If you are trying to use 4x4 on hard pavement, or even hard dirt, you are going to rip out some hardware! Even the little bit of slip you get in dirt is enough to let the tires slip and not get bound up. DO NOT USE 4x4 ON PAVEMENT!!! It WILL break your front end or spider gears!

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