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status3er 05-22-2013 08:02 AM

What would you do with a blank canvas?
I bought an old 1990 I-4 manual. Pretty much fixed everything that needed to be fixed (belts, oil leaks, a whole lot on maintenance, electrical) and she drives nice and smooth, AC works and all.

ABSOLUTELY no rust under her! Perfect!

I want a mild lift just to make it look better and mostly to replace the stock leafs where they are starting to invert in the front.
Like I said, I'm on a budget so anything big where I'll need SYE and driveshafts and all that jazz or 33" or bigger where I'll need to get different gears and such is out of the question.

I already have another set of MT classics 15x8 wheels. No tires, thinking of 31"s.

What would you do now that you all have more experience?
Which leafs and which shocks?

I will do all the regular installation myself except welding. I'm pretty sure all my u bolts will come off fine. I have been spraying them once in a while with Liquid wrench to get them loosened up. Plus no rust anywhere! So reusing hardware MIGHT be ok.

I don't mind mixing and matching, not neccessarily needing a kit. As long as I know what to buy!

Budget is mild ~$500-600 for a lift at the most. Lower the better.
Tires will come later.


Anticanman 05-22-2013 08:18 AM

My advice? Remove the trackbar and swaybar and enjoy it for a while. Install soke revcovery points and take it on the trails and see what she will do. If you get stuck then note whether its bigger tires, more articulation, lockers, winch etc. that'll get you through. Whichever trends pop up, that's what you need.

status3er 05-22-2013 08:31 AM

I did and got stuck in a mild-moderate wet mud hole. Front axel hit the bottom. Had to get winched out. And I hate not having lockers on this thing but i'll let that pass for now.

I also explore my local backroads alone, not the best idea. That day I walked back to my house a couple of miles before I could start the recovery. A winch would of save me a lot!

What botheres me is the flattening of the springs. Kinda worries me. Plus a lift would make it that much better!

Now some say to remove only the rear trackbar while others recommend taking off both. Guess I'll start with the rear and try the front later.


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