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rksnow1 09-05-2011 09:17 AM

Went from an oil change to an engine rebuild... Thoughts? Tips?
I wanted to start by saying I love this forum, not sure if the wife does though :nono: .... I started out the weekend planning on doing an oil change on my 4.2 YJ.. While the oil was draining I jumped on here and saw the posts about putting the 4.0HO head on.. so then I thought.. Hmmm maybe in the near future.. Then while completeing the oil change I found metal flake. Dropped the pan to find a handful of metal shavings. the bearings and part of the timing...

So now the plan is to do a full rebuild of the engine.. I was thinking about boring out slightly , going with larger pistons while im at it... Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions to stay away from or tips as this is my first rebuild.

I have a weber 32/34 carb now and already nuttered the YJ and did the Team Rush distributer cap swap. Will this affect anything?

I picked up the 4.0 head, valvecover, and exhaust manifold today from a local salvage yard for $30, Its the 7120 head, but was off of a 95 Grand Cherokee. I was thinking about switching over to the fuel injection being I now have it with the 4.0 head, but everything I read said to put the TBI, intake, wiring from an XJ. Is the wiring and everything the same from a Grand Cheerokee?

Anyone know If I can use this as part of my rebuild. I read on here that I need a VSS adapter. I think I have the VSS from the 4.0 as well. Can this be used again? Any modifications needed to use for the 4.2?

I wanted to ask the experts out here before I get started, just trying to figure out the best combination for power, drivability and gas mileage.

rksnow1 09-07-2011 03:01 PM

Anyone have any experience rebuilding the 4.2? Any suggestions or precautions for a rookie? This is my first engine rebuild.

Yonco 09-07-2011 03:24 PM

Ive rebuilt a few 4.0L's. A lower end rebuild kit from advance auto comes with a machined crank and matched rod/main bearings for under 200$. Use RTV on waterpump, thermostat housings, they are prone to leaking due to the pitting on the aged aluminum castings. Rebuild the oil pump and replace every seal. -Jon

giggityjeeper 09-07-2011 04:53 PM

search someone JUST did this and di a write up on it I think, and there are more on here to do this as well, with complete parts breakdown, pics etc.....

rksnow1 09-07-2011 10:36 PM

thanks, I've done a lot of searching through the forums for a rebuild how to and haven't come across anything. If you know the link please repost it here. I will keep looking in the mean time, but didn't see anything in the yj or Cj tech sections.

thanks again

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