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jazzyct 05-05-2010 11:46 PM

Weird but True - Help
Hi All,

I'm a please help.

Brought my 95 YJ to Town Fair Tire to put some new tires on new rims. My stock rims were 205/75R15. The tires that went onto my new rims were 235/75R15. Jeep looked great when I went to pick it up after hours..I went to start the car up...the electricals went on..but no start. I did notice that I didn't get the door buzz like I normally do. I did try to keep turning they key but dash electronics never really died. Headlights/breaklights turned on. I tried a jumpstart kit but nothing. The only time that I saw no dashboard activity is when I put the ignition key into aux mode.

BTW..they did test drive my Jeep because the mileage was more than when I dropped it off.

Any idea what this is?? I don't feel like reeming out some guy at Townfair tomorrow for no reason if its normal wear and tear.

Thanks in advance!

Jeff the Noob

ROADDOG516 05-06-2010 06:01 AM

I cant answer question but will say stay away from Town Fair. When I got my 33s called them said they would install no prob. Brought down to shop and after twenty minutes they called back said they couldnt do tire mount cause they dont do offroad veh. So I went down there spoke with fat manager who obviously just showed up at work and put kabosh on tires for me and after a nice conversation got tires mounted balanced and full refund of my money because he wanted no part of my tire swap.. Man was he p#$#$ off but thanks to his temper and my ability to anger him worked out great..but seriously stay away from Toen Fair at least where I live they spend all day smoking weed in back then go destroy cars..

Feetwet 05-06-2010 06:57 AM

Just a thought....If the horn works, try swapping the starter relay with the horn relay under the hood. They interchange and may quickly isolate your starting problem.

planedog 05-06-2010 07:18 AM

Your profile doesn't mention the transmission. Is it an automatic? If so, make sure the shifter is all the way up as fas as you can push it.

photoboy74 05-06-2010 07:21 AM

Did the Jeep actually crank over at all during your attempts to start it?

CrawlingForward 05-06-2010 11:53 AM

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Hmmmm, would you mind giving more details at to what "no start" entails?

I can't think of any reason why wheels and tires would affect electricals, so perhaps they just left something on a drained the battery some. I've had times where I had headlights, stereo, etc., but not enough to actually get the car to turn over and stay running.

jazzyct 05-06-2010 02:24 PM

It ended being that my starter was shot. Thanks for the help!

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