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swilk 06-06-2002 12:24 PM

V8 conversion
Got a question for you all .... 91 wrangler, originally a 4 cylinder, I am wanting to do a V8 conversion. What transfer case would be ideal behind a mild small block chevy and either a 700r4 or a th350? Also, I have been reading a little on axles, and they seem really pricey for what you get, what is wrong with getting a 12 bolt chevrolet rearend, having it narrowed down, putting a set of mosier axles in it, and putting it under a jeep? That could be done for well under $1000. Anyway, I appreciate any info.

JAX 06-06-2002 01:39 PM

I run a CJ8, that I just finished converting over to a SBC / Turbo 400 Tranny / Advanced Adapter to my Dana 300 T-Case. I elected to stay with the Dana 300 because I wanted to install a Tera Low 4.0:1 gear set. This combination worked out real nice for me, however I have a lot more length to play with. You might want to go with a good 700R4. I believe they are the shortest of the bunch, and if you do your homework and get one of the good ones, it would probably be a sweet set up. One thing I would like to note, is that the turbo 400 pan is also very wide, and can get in the way of your front drive shaft if you're not carefull in your choice of engine location. As far as axles go, I elected to go with Dana 44's front & back. I too read a lot of articles that frowned on using the corporate axles. If you are interested in building up a set, I would guess that the price of a Dana 44 versas a Corporate 12 would be negligible. Either could be shortened to meet your specific needs. Depending on the width you require, you might keep a look out for an older doner Wagoneer that has Dana 44's. Helping some friend do there mods recently, we have been able to find several of them in our local junk yards. Some helpfull hints... MORE puts out a real nice set of SBC Conversion Engine Mounts. Remember that your stock radiator will no longer work for you, the inlet and outlets are on the wrong side for your SBC. Be carefull in your choice / set up for your Power Steering Pump. ?? Your Jeep Gearbox may be "Metric", while your GM Pump may be standard. you will need to either mount in a Jeep pump, or have a custom hose built. Also, think out what you want for your exhaust system. Another change to plan out is for relocating your rear cross member. When you lengthen your Tranny, your stock mount hole may not line up well. Along with that, be ready to shorten your rear driveshaft, and lengthen you front one. Your shifter selection, etc...... Lots of things to take into consideration befor you start... Good luck... Thanx, Jax

NaeKid 06-06-2002 03:00 PM

I have just about completed a change over just like that. What I did very simply put is:

  • <font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial"> Purchase a whole donor vehicle (my choice was a 1977 Chevy 1/2ton 4x4)</font></li>
  • <font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial"> Strip all drive train components from Jeep (Engine to axles)</font></li>
  • <font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial"> Strip donor vehicle of all drive train components and weld into Jeep.</font></li>
  • <font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial"> Combine many pieces of original Jeep-tech with original Chevy tech (with some of your own fabrications) to complete the job.
<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">I used my original radiator, had it re-cored to something that can handle the 350ci block, and had the tanks turned around.
Peak at my "<a href="" target="_blank">change-over</a>" page for a quick writeup on what I did. It took myself and 2 good friends to finish the job as quick as it went. I am now working on the "minor" things (like maintenance, rims, tires, lights, etc), and hopefully will be done shortly.

V8wrangler_idaho 06-06-2002 04:36 PM

me personally would go with a 700r4 or the newer tranny but same desine of 40l60r it comes with its own electronics. you can adjust the shift points with it. the 700r4 tranny is shorter then the t400 tranny and also stronger. you can run lower gears in your axles for better off road abilty cuz the 700r4 has an overdrive. and the 700r4 trannys some where made for 4x4 vehicals and have driver side droop tranfercases on them. same with the newer trannys the 40l60r its the same as the 700r4 except it has a computer. and a locking torch converter. locking torch converter gives you more power and better gas mileage on the freeway. also you can set it to stay engaged so going down hill the tranny won't disangadge on you. that way you use your brakes less.

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