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bigjeep39 10-24-2001 02:58 PM

Transmission Related (interior leak)
I took the carpet out of my jeep because the carpet was rotted out by the stick shift. Then when i looked i noticed the transmission hump panel is not fully bolted to the floor board so there is some air getting in, when i went through water, even when it rains it leaks into the car, i wanted to get ne carpet, BUT i dunno how to fix this, do i have shop do it or do i silicone it myself, PLEASE HELP, i have the carpeting and i want to put the new stuff in but i will have to wait?

Thanks :D

powjunkie 10-24-2001 05:53 PM

Sometimes the plate under the shift boot becomes bent when it's removed for clutch maintenance. The first thing is to make sure that it's straight enough to make a good seal. Another problem is that some of the sheet metal screws could be stripped out, so you might have to go with a bigger size. I think that silicone would be fine for sealing it back up once everything is checked out. There is a seal that is supposed to be there, maybe it's missing or just not working like it should.

bigjeep39 10-24-2001 06:49 PM

Hey thanks, sound like i am boing to be busy tonight, i just got done removing the nerf bars for rocker panels now i am going to make my jeep SUBMERGEABLE, hell yes, thanks a bunch.

The time now is 12:46 AM.

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