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doctorfireant 10-21-2001 08:59 PM

Transmission, gear, whine
I have a problem that has just occurred. I have a 1994 Jeep Wrangler, 4 cyl, 5 speed. It has 112,000 miles. This past week, a "whining" sound has occurred in all of the gears. It only begins when you push on the accelerator after shifting into each of the gears.

If you release the accelerator the noise stops. If you put on the clutch the noise stops. If you coast, the noise stops. If you press on the accelerator, the noise begins again.

The noise increases in frequency, with each gear change. It is almost unbearable in the cab, yet when you reach ~55 mph, the frequency drops.

This whining noise can also be heard as the jeep passes by. I had my daughter drive it past me so I could hear.

Does anyone have a clue as to what is causing this noise with the gears. I would think you would hear it at all times, whether one pressed on the acelerator or not. At first I thought it was tire whining, like the high pitched whine that one hears from a semi-truck. But it looks like it is more complex than that.

Any suggestions, comments, are greatly appreciated.

Pantera 10-21-2001 10:23 PM

Could be the front or rear ring and pinion... Then you accelerate, the pressure is placed on the leading(?) side of each ring gear and when coasting or deccelerating the pressure is placed on the trailing(?) side of each ring gear... I'd check/change the fluid levels in your axles before I'd do anyhting else... Just my guess, though... :cool:

bob91yj 10-21-2001 10:28 PM

Have you checked the fluid levels in the transmission, transfer case and differentials? I'd start there.

doctorfireant 10-22-2001 05:55 AM

That's where I thought I would check first. My daughter was drivung the jeep the past several weeks. She just had the oil changed (~ 600 miles agao) and supposedly "all" fluid levels were checked. I just heard the gear noise last night and thoughyt I would check with others with jeep experience before I decide if I am going to jump in and try to fix or take to a more "qualified" mechanic.

Thanks for replies!

glm 87 wrangler 10-22-2001 05:56 AM

Check fluids first,go ahead and change them
to, that way you can check for metal in the system..

my litte red yj 10-22-2001 05:29 PM

mine makes the same sound :D i have 93 yj with 135000 2.5 4 banger i changed all the fluids and it did not help checked the u joint's all fine :( i am going to drive until it get's real bad or it don't roll that is all i can do OR just rebuild the rear with new bearing's but right now with the holiday's almost here no way :( :rolleyes:

NaeKid 10-22-2001 06:58 PM

I had the same thing ... it was the throw-out bearing .. a pita to fix .. but if you don't, it could mean a new tranny for you ..

my litte red yj 10-22-2001 07:08 PM

tranny that could be i heard they are not the best :( what goes in them????

doctorfireant 10-22-2001 07:22 PM

my little red yj -

Maybe it is something with the red color mine is red also.

We had the transmission worked on about 6 months ago, we also replaced the clutch. I think the throw-out bearing was replaced at that time but I could be mistaken. I will have to check.

Thanks for replies. Maybe "my little red yj" and I can both get the noise out!!! :)

my litte red yj 10-22-2001 07:33 PM

well i just looked at my repairs done to the jeep(2nd owner)clutch,pressure plat,throw out bearing,,slave cycl,2 rear univer,cost her$674.00 done at 115689 miles a go now i have 135672 that is 20000 miles on a clutch well it can not be that :) it is either low gearing(4:10) or bad tranny, maybe rear??? well i am going to have to live with it i do not want to take a very expencive guess money does not grow on trees :D

Kev 10-23-2001 08:54 AM

It could still be the throw-out bearing; normally the bearing only is in use when the clutch is pressed, but if the clutch isn't installed or adjusted correctly, the bearing is being turned all the time and can cause it to wear out very fast.

You may want to have the clutch adjustment (I'm not sure if there is one with a hydralic clutch, but I know that the older ones are adjustable) checked and if it out of whack, I'd contact whoever put the clutch in and make them fix it for cheap (like free).

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