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lostboy 05-24-2001 02:41 AM

Hi all I'm new here and new to jeeps. 89 yj stock for now but it is a LIMITED. Can anyone explain that? Also, replaced transmission mount and "torque limiter"...the post and rubber bushing thingy... and the bushings don' t compress after torquing down the nuts ..Is this normal? haven't heard any thumps since I did this change ..just want to know if anyone has seen this same thing before

wilhelm 05-26-2001 12:03 AM

The thumps were probably caused by the trans - t/case mount being bad . On mine I scrapped the stabilzer stud for a long bolt a couple of washers a few left over shock bushings and a nut and never had a problem. If it doesn't make niose you should be OK.
As far as the Limited thing ; it could be an interior or outside trim package.
wilhelm nj......

lostboy 05-27-2001 03:28 AM

The thumps were engine mounts and tranny mounts all worn.tranny mount was in 3 pieces when I took it out. i did find out that IT IS NORMAL for the tranny post mount (torque limiter?) to have that amount of play in it ..Thanks for the reply

wilhelm 05-28-2001 10:51 PM

Now that I think of it , I should probably have a little bit of play in mine . It could be to tight . Thanks for the info..
wilhelm nj

offctr 05-30-2001 11:51 PM

The "limited" refers to trim level the Wrangler had several the "s" ( or stripped as some called it )or plain wrangler ,the sport , and the limited which would be Jeep's highest option level baring special packages and was usually reserved for factory ordered vehicles -- and mostly seen on the Cherokee at that time--- the only other trim level for the YJ was either the islander package ( decals) or the Sahara ( decals ,seats , interior trim, cheesy off road lights, tow hooks etc.)
anyway with the limited depending on how it was ordered it might be pretty well equipped or not ..

lostboy 06-02-2001 10:01 PM

thumps were also engine mounts...they were worse than the tranny mount....while I'm on the tranny ...I have the ba10/ugh and I think it's goin...what does the bosrd think about the wct5 from advance adapters? I like the nv4500 but it seems like it may need too many other mods to accomodate and thisis my daily driver also... we just have sand up here in Long Island so that would be most of my 4-wheelin

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