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Tearing into the YJ tomorrow.

Ok folks, I just bought a 90 YJ last Saturday. As far as I know she is completely stock engine and drive train wise. I have puttered around in it this last week, and I think it has all the typical problems that a 17 year old jeep would have. It hesitates on acceleration, it is definitely running rich, and I have vacuum leaks and some blow by from the valve cover.. It really can't get out of its own way, unless I really get on it.. and I don't really want to rod the hell out of it to get anywhere..

So tomorrow I am going to tear into the old gal and see what kind of damage I can do.

First on the list.. I'm changing all the fluids. I noticed that when I put a new pcv in it the day I got it, that there was some nasty looking crap inside the VC.. I want to do a motor flush on it, I wanted to know if there is anything other then Sea Foam that you guys would recommend? I think i will dump about a 1/3 of a bottle right in the oil fill, and then run the motor for a minute or two, then drain the oil and see what comes out.

The other thing I want to do fluid wise is change the differential fluids, and the transmission fluid (manual trans) is there anything I need to be aware of when I do this? I know on the 90, I will have to get new diff gaskets.. is there anything else I should be on the look out for? also stock front is a dana 30 and the rear is a dana 35 is that correct?

next comes the radiator flush, and new thermostat. Im putting on all new hoses, and belts as well..

When I change all these fluids, I think I am going to use Royal Purple. I might even put in Royal Purples radiator additive.. any opinions on RP?

Ok now here comes the BIG stuff.. the stuff im a little leary of, but i think I have read all I can about these next mods...

yep you guessed it.. Nutter By-Pass, and the TFI conversion. and bye-bye un-necessary vac lines!!! and wiring!

I have a lot of other stuff to take care of with this ol jeep. My dash and taillights do not work. The headlights, blinkers, and turnsignals work.. but no tails or dash lights... my radio was wired direct from the PO so I have a hunch that I will find my problem in there. Also none of my accessory gauges work. I have a tach and a speedo that work, and thats it.

So wish me luck. I have a very full day of wrenchin ahead of me!

Before I go, I just wanted to say that this is probably the best Jeep forum I have been to. There is more knowledge on this site then most of the other ones combined. I know if I have any questions, that my answers can be found on this site. You should all be proud of yourselves for contributing so much. It is really cool for me being a total newb to the Jeep scene to have such a great resource!

Keep up the good work everyone!

Mike Murray

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Congrats on getting a jeep. Welcome.

Get some pics if you can.


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Thanks Mike -- have a great day wrenching tomorrow and keep us posted!
I personally like Amsoil over Royal Purple.

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Sounds like you got quite a day ahead of you...

I know on the 90, I will have to get new diff gaskets..
That all depends up to you, what I do and all I have seen from the how-to's are to use hi-temp silicone gasket maker and use a seal with that as opposed to an actual gasket.

And yes if they are stock axles they will be the 30 and 35. (Dump the 35 when you get a chance !! )

For the electrical/wiring problem what I would do is get a complete new wiring harness kit. But thats just me because I wouldn't trust to much in a 17 year old harness.

Lets get some pics on that new ride of yours!!!

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Sounds like you've got some good plans! I would love to see pics too.
Let us know how you're progressing and what you find.

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I don't run any gaskets on the diffs, just the black RTV that came with the RockCrushers.

I would venture to guess that the guages may be the whole unit if none of them work, pull it and try cleaning the contacts on the plug with an eraser.

If you're going to Nutter it, I'd do that and get rid of any un-needed vac lines before trying to get the crap carter working right.

Good luck and welcome
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sounds like a good plan. Wouldn't worry about the tfi/nutter project, not really big projects at all. Shouldn't take you more than an hour to do both. As for the motor flush, the strongest thing on the market is the BG MOA but it might be hard to come by. Another thing i would suggest would be Risolone, you can get that off the shelf at pepboys or wallmart. I've used that one before with good results, but it in no way compares to the bg.

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First off, thanks for the welcome, and all the replies!

I had posted in the general section about how I got the Jeep, but I will give a really quick rundown on the story on how I ended up with my YJ.

My uncle had bought this Jeep about a year and a half ago. He drove it 20 miles home, and then he went fishing with it one time. He hated it. "Damn rough ridin S.O.B" so he parked it. He drove it less then 200 miles and he just parked it. So there it sat in one of his garages for a year and a half. I finally talked him into selling it to me, and I have had it for one week today! I bought it sight unseen pretty much. I knew it was red, and was a 5 speed. that was it. I just bought it!

Ok so here is what I accomplished today. First thing I did was checked out my carb. I dont have a carter at all.. turns out I actually have a WEBER! Im not sure exactly which Weber I have.. but its stamped Weber on there in a few places.. The bad part was that 2 of the 4 mounting bolts on it, I could turn the nuts BY HAND! you could literally lift up one side of the carb from the manifold! not good.. Now not knowing I was going to run into that.. I just tightened it back down, and left it as that.. Im going to figure out which carb I have, and order in a rebuild kit, and new base gaskets. The weber is pretty dirty, so I figure that it would just be good insurance to rebuild it back to new like condition.

After I got done messing with the carb, I started poking around the engine bay. There are a ton of things not hooked up. I have wires hanging, and vac lines flopped around in there... oh well.. thats all coming out soon. I had a friend helping me out today, so while I crawled under the Jeep to look around, he started the rest of the engine tune up.. all my plugs looked ok, cylinder 1 looked to be running pretty lean, and 3 was a little rough, but for the most part everything looked ok. so in went the new NGK's and the TFI swap was in full swing. Meanwhile under the Jeep.. I definitely have a rust issue.. dont know what im going to do about that yet, but frame wise everything looks ok.. nothing is in danger of falling off... I found out why I have no emergency brake.. and my lines look pretty rusty down there.. so all new brake, and fuel hard lines are going to have to be dealt with pretty soon...

I put a can of sea foam in the crank case, and let the ol Jeep idle for about 20 minutes.. then up on ramps the jeep went, and I drained out the oil, and the transmission fluid. I put in regular Oreilly brand 5-30, and a Microguard filter. Im going to run some sea foam in it for about 1000 miles before the next oil change, and then Royal Purple is going in the engine, and a wix filter. I put Royal Purple 75-90w in the transmission. It does seem to make a difference.. the oil and the transmission fluid didnt seem to be too bad coming out.. man gear oil STINKS!!

My friend got the TFI swap done.. I also put on a new MSD Blaster 2 coil The Jeep doesnt mess around now.. Turn the key and VROOOM! she fires right up. It runs A LOT better then it did, but I still have some carb issues and probably a timing and vacuum advance issue with the distributor to smooth out.

I got my dash and taillight issue resolved too. Turns out I missed a fuse that was blown! DOH!! must have pulled the same one twice and saw that they were good or something?? Who knows, Im just happy that a 20amp fuse later, I can now drive at night!! Tails and dash lights!!

I didnt get my differential fluids changed, I also did not get my belts, hoses, or thermostat changed today.. but thats ok. The one piece of bad news that happened was I found a nice big hole in my radiator!! so Tuesday my new radiator will be in, and I will flush out the coolant, drop the new radiator in, do the belts hoses and thermostat.

All in all I got alot accomplished today.. despite the fact that I had to get some stuff for my lawn business taken care of this morning.. for finally getting started on the Jeep at around 2:30pm and finishing by 6:30.. plus all the other little things that sidetracked me today.. I got most of what I wanted to do done..

I dont have pics yet.. Im going to have to jack my friends digital, and set up a photobucket account.. but I promise I will get a ton of pictures up as soon as I can!

Thanks Guys for all the help so far. I am going to try the Nutter conversion in the next few days.. I just need to make sure of all the wiring, mainly for what im going to yank out of there... I dont know exactly what I might find.. I just have to take some time.. Im afraid whoever was in the bay before might have moved a few things around.. so I want to be sure that when I nutter the jeep, and clean stuff up, that I dont take anything important out.

once again thanks for everything. Ill keep you all posted!


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