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Rockwall 10-24-2001 06:21 PM

I know its a newbie question, but what is a throtle body, where is it, and what does it do, on a 91yj 4cyl 4" lift 2" body lift sye
27" boots soon to be 35"

RodeoRob 10-24-2001 08:57 PM

A throttle body is what is responsible for regulating the amount of air your engine takes in. On a fuel injected engines, the throttle body replaces the carburater. If you look at your air box and follow the round plastic tube back to your engine, thats your throttle body. You should see the throttle cable connected to it, which moves when you press the gas.

bluebellyday 10-24-2001 08:58 PM

A throttle body sits in the same place as The old carburator. On older cars the Carb mixed the fuel and air and metered it to the motor.
On a fuel injected motor the fuel is delevered and metered through the injectors. This leaves only the air needing to be metered and sent to the motor. This is the job of the Throttle body It uses a butterfly valve that opens to allow air in. The more air that goes in the more power you get. The TB has normally 2 Electronic parts 1) the AIS motor. This part allowes air to bypass the butterfly valve giving you your idle. 2)TPS: Throttle position sensor. This tells your computer how far the butterfly is open. the more it opens the more fuel the computer sends to the injectors.
I hope this helps.

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