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leftlanetruckin 10-06-2006 11:37 PM

The swap is offically underway...
well, got a 90 s10 blazer, motor from a 93, 700r4, and 231c hd t/case....all in the donor, unfortunately!!:brickwall
i thaught the best way would be to get a complete, running vehicle, so i can see and drive the running motor,trans etc, and have all the wiring and accesories i need.... WRONG!!!!!
where do i start.......there is no way to pull the motor/tranny together, not enough room to raise the motor and clear the mounts and front cross member. not a big deal i hear you say......well...... the body has to be raised off the frame to get to 2 of the tranny/bellhousing bolts!!! basically undo the bolts, remove f/bumper and get jacking......the still have to use a u joint on the socket to get them out!!!
it took 2 of us to get the motor mounts undone, everything is sooooo tight in there, its unreal! cant get to the rear manifold bolts, so had to saw saw the exhaust, good ole rust....
removing the starter motor requires removing the front crossmember (which contains the ifs driveshafts etc)! screw that!
the tailshaft on the t/case hits the rear crossmember, so cant lower the tranny down enough to get the bolts/tranny out that way...and removing the tail end will still leave me the shaft inside it!:brickwall
so, i am currently a hater of chevy's......but i do like the motor/trannys, just wish they were an option in jeeps!:laugh:
all wires and hoses that i can get to are off and labeled, i already know the fuel lines are gonna be fun, not! everything else looks pretty straight forward, and i do love the remote oil filter!(although that tells you right there how tight it is..)
well, i have alcohol to drink, and will have the motor out tommorow even if i have to use my winch to pull the front end of it off!
will update when i get a chance.,.....later all!

Tomb Raider 10-07-2006 12:24 AM

May the force be with you young jedi.

I too have felt your pain....

leftlanetruckin 10-07-2006 12:37 AM

"note to self......kick ones self in *** for not going 4.0..."
but i did try!!!:mad:

nothin around before i found the blazer.....(repeat to self 50 times a day...)

think i'll just run my big truck over it tommorow, therapy right? :rofl:
gotta love them saw saw's right?
i'll post some pics tommorow......

JeeperDon 10-07-2006 07:14 AM


Originally Posted by leftlanetruckin
"note to self......kick ones self in *** for not going 4.0..."
but i did try!!!:mad: nothin around before i found the blazer..

Any swap is not easy, the 4.0 is no different. It's just a lot of work and takes a lot of time. I did a 4.3 swap too, so I know what you are going through. Mine took a month+ of 3-8 hour days when I was not working. My best advice is, "Don't Cut Corners, Do It Right."

leftlanetruckin 10-07-2006 10:33 AM

thanks don, it will get there, and the only corners i am vutting are hte sheetmetal kind, but its only a chevy so that doesnt count....:rofl:

leftlanetruckin 10-07-2006 10:39 PM

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well, got the rest of the lines and wires marked, and after carefull deliberation, and a fone call to tomb raider, the bfh,a new set of saw saw blades, 4' pry bar and brute force came out to is the result, after about 5 degreasings and a 3000psi pressure washer......
Attachment 21323
Attachment 21326

got a new set of headers arriving tommorow at advance auto parts, i am a commercial customer there (thanks to a jeep yj) and my price with a lifetime warranty is $138....i thaught it was a good deal, so paid for them. broke a stud off the intake manifold that goes to the heater matrix, crap casting (and me not being able to see ontop and beneath at the same time..) so will be needing a new intake manifold too. looking at the edelbrock manifold....will check on prices.

will be taking out wiring tommorow, and replacing tranny and oil filters, plugs, gaskets etc.

KrwlinTJ 10-07-2006 10:49 PM

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If you are interested i just posted something in your other post..

leftlanetruckin 10-07-2006 10:59 PM

thanks spd, but that isnt my thread.....guess we both had brain farts at the same time huh? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

glad to see that i am not alone in this state of confusion..:wave:

i will no doubt be buggin the hell out of you for advice... thanks in advance, the beers will be on me!

KrwlinTJ 10-07-2006 11:03 PM

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well i just did it again posted in the other thread... DUH :brickwall

we will try and keep it here so not to jump around LOL :thumbsup:

KrwlinTJ 10-07-2006 11:04 PM

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I have done the 4.3 chevy swap in my 88 jeep YJ and i love it... I used the painless wiring harness and a remote fuel pump mounted on the frame rail.. easyiest way to do the conversion.. I have tired to use the factory harness but i found that wires were brittle and needed to much to weed thru.. for the money it is worth alot less headaches if you use the painless wiring harness. if you go the the website you can download the directions to the wiring harness and it give all the part numbers of what you need.. Part number for the harness is 60101 if you are interseted.. What i did for the transfer case is i split the 231c and the 231j and just used the sye and rear half of the tc and bolted it back together. so the case is split half front chevy and jeep rear.. so you can call it a 231c/j LOL.. if you want you can look at my member pages and check out my pictures of the process. If you have any question feel free to ask and i will try to answer if i can.. I will give you a list of the part numbers for all the stuff and where to get it..

Summit racing

1: advance adapters motor mounts ADD-713007
2: painless wiring harness PRF-60101
3: Vehicle speed sensor PRF-60115
4: carter fuel pump CRT-P5001
5: B&M Sport shifter BMM-80776

Novak Conversions

1: tranny mount adapter RM103

and of course from the local auto parts you need all the misc stuff like fuel line, fitting, fluids, nuts and bolts.

I also used factory headers from a 1985 chevy monte carlo v-6 4.3, for the stock exhaust manifold suck for deep water crossings..LOL. I also made my own tranny mount out of a 2 in square tubing. I also kept the stock jeep radiator for it is a 3row and just made my own hoses to mate it to the chevy motor. Also made my own air cleaner assembly , Air hat off a caddilac, hose from a 94 jeep gc, box from a chevy truck ( i actually forgot where the air box came from but i will post pictures so you can see the set up. I had to get the driveshaft front shortened and rear lengthened.
If i can remember anything else i will post it.

I hope this help alittle.>

also look here for other pictures of the conversion and other stuff..

KrwlinTJ 10-07-2006 11:05 PM

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Originally Posted by leftlanetruckin
well if you wanna email me step by step instructions...that'll be just dandy...
i already decided to try and use the rear jeep t/c and the front chevy t/c halves, so that looks like a winner.....
do you think the painless kit is worth the money?? and what all does it entail, as far as the parts they send etc etc etc.i have had the howell harness highly recomended to me......think they brian said it was $795 inc new fuel pump...
can shoot me an email if it is better,

thanks in advance, there is a thread i just started before i noticed this one...had a hard few days!

Yes i have used it and it worked perfectly.. alot less headaches.
with this harness you reuse the stock chevy brain and all you need to get is the fuel pump.. I havent used the howell harness so i cant give you an honest answer.. as far as the parts that come with the painless harness i just the wiring and all the connectors for all the electronics and sensors.. you reuse part of your jeep harness for the gauges, fuel, oil, temp, and tach. it was easy for me for i have access to all-data so all the colors of the jeep harness where easy to figure out. As far as step by step instructions , i dont have any. so while you are doing the conversion and run into something give me a shout and i will try and help you out.

just a bit of advice dont let the driveshafts dictate the placement of the engine, this way you can put the motor where you want and if you ever want to put a v8 in you can. just my 2cents.

Tomb Raider 10-08-2006 08:27 AM

Lookin good martin,

Keep us posted with pics.

JeeperDon 10-08-2006 09:01 AM


Originally Posted by Spdfrkss
As far as step by step instructions , i dont have any.

Thats about it. You just go by the "get everything working" method. Obvously getting the motor running is 1st priority, then I did Jeep electrics to make it legal (lights, wipers, and such), then last was the dash gages. My last part was an adapter box each from Dakota Digital for the speedo and tach, but I was using the real Chevy wiring. I don't know if Painless helps with the tach or getting proper VSS to the computer.

leftlanetruckin 10-08-2006 11:53 AM

my current speedo is cable driven, so have to add that to the list of bits n pieces...
i think i remember seeing a vss that has a cable adapter too? ring any bells with anyone?
like i said in a previous post, will be removing wiring today and starting on the service items for the running gear, new seals,gaskets,filters etc etc.
looks like advance auto parts is gonna know every time i'm in town again...:laugh:
will see how far i get today and see if foto's are worthwhile...:confused:
thanks for all the advise guys,will keep updates going on here...

KrwlinTJ 10-08-2006 09:01 PM

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Originally Posted by JeeperDon
I don't know if Painless helps with the tach or getting proper VSS to the computer.

for the tach you will use your jeeps existing wiring harness for that,,,


Originally Posted by leftlanetruckin
i think i remember seeing a vss that has a cable adapter too? ring any bells with anyone?

as far as the vss gets the signal from their vss that you can get from summit part number prf-60115 which goes in line with the existing speedo cable.. and that takes care of that..

The part i like the most with the painless wiring harness and using the tbi setup is that all i would have to is change the computer to work a chevy v8. every connector on the wiring harness will work on all the sensors on a v8 so it makes the swap that much easier...

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