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skates04 11-07-2013 06:12 PM

Stumbling at 2200 rpms
Trying to help a buddy fix his YJ, Its a 95 with the 2.5L, motor is stock, 5spd, jeep has about 70,000 miles on it.

Basically what is happening is between 2000-2500rpms there is a hesitation or it will stumble and will not accelerate any more, sometimes it will back fire. Happens a bit in 2nd gear, but mostly in 3rd under load.

When the Jeep is cold it seems to run fine. Becomes an issue after it warms up.

Also the Temp gauge is reading low, usually stays around the first tick mark above 100. We still get really good heat.

Changed the following:
Fuel Filter
02 Sensor
Map Sensor
Cap, Rotor, Wires and plugs are good.

He is picking up a TPS sensor in the morning and will get a new Theromstat gasket so we can see if the stat is stuck open. The cat seems solid when we bang on it, no rattling or anything. Were debating on the CPS, does the 95 have the same harness issues?

We have both done a lot of searching; seems others have had this issue with a ton of different solutions.

Any idea's?

skates04 11-08-2013 05:30 PM


Que89YJ 11-11-2013 10:16 AM

Did you run the codes?

Peety 11-11-2013 01:22 PM

Check the cam and crank sensors, 200 ohms +/- 75, both should make around 5v while cranking/running. It sounds like the ignition timing is way out of whack.

Siva283 11-11-2013 02:16 PM


Originally Posted by Que89YJ (Post 17613042)
Did you run the codes?

They seem to never check the codes and just start throwing parts at it.

Que89YJ 11-11-2013 05:00 PM

Use the key method and check your codes.

jbolty 11-11-2013 06:37 PM

maybe timing advance, either vacuum or mechanical. try it with the vacuum hose disconnected and plugged.

Que89YJ 11-11-2013 08:06 PM

This is how to check codes. Advance is computer controlled.

jbolty 11-11-2013 08:42 PM


Originally Posted by Que89YJ (Post 17628794)
This is how to check codes. Advance is computer controlled.

good point, didn't notice it's a 4 cyl.

Fozzybear42 11-12-2013 10:58 AM

At some point after ruling out a couple other things QUE will tell you to check fuel pressure. Make sure you do it while driving, not just idle. It will save you money, time, sanity...etc.

Que89YJ 11-12-2013 11:11 AM

LOL Fozzy now that is funny. What he said, but check the codes and post what you find.

skates04 11-30-2013 04:24 AM

Sorry for the late reply, this is for a buddy and we haven't had time to mess with it... We did check the codes and we had an o2 sensor code, with a lean and rich condition. We did replace the sensor. I believe we also had a #3 Cylinder Mis-Fire.

We were also thinking timing, but yes 2.5L so computer controlled. I did check it still and it was a few degrees before TDC

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