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bigjeep39 06-17-2002 11:56 PM

stuck in jeep mods
Hmm, lets start this off with the fact i want to get a dana 44 rear end, will that work with a SYE kit when i get that, also.. where can i find a good SYE kit i was thinking of getting the RE kit and then i did some reading.. so it looks like i will go with the tera low?!?! where can i find it for sale, also i wanted to put my 4" springs SOA and will that be shotty or will it help, i also ordered the full traction k link steering and the 2" shackle reversal.. how will that affect was designed to help jeeps with SOA get the tie rod and other steering items out of the way/eliminate bump steer at an affordable price, i was think of the M.O.R.E. kit or the Tri County Gear but i went with k link.. so that would put me at 4" + 5" + 2" that is way too much lift isnt it????
how big of tires will that fit, and if that seems weird should i get like 2" springs instead??

help me out please, thank you so much


TXaggieYJ 06-18-2002 11:18 AM

i mentioned this on another post, but here it is buddy has a 95 with a 3" body lift, 1.5" shackles, 4" springs, and a spring over worth about 6". now that is high. he is currently running 35s, which he had before the SOA. to give some perspective, i am 6'5". when the door is open, the ledge to climb over to get in the seat is at my waist. i can reach up and rest my chin on the hood. as far as it being too high is your own opinion. it depends on what size tire you plan on running. with the removal of his side tube step bars he could probably fit 44s, but he will be upgrading soon to 38s. personally i will be using 4" springs for my upcoming SOA.

NaeKid 06-18-2002 11:50 AM

For me .. a 4" suspension lift plus spring over fits 38" tires very well (military spec .. 325/85 r16) .. and that is without a bodylift. I feel like I am high enough already, but may cut out my wheelwells for the cool looking Bushwacker cutout / pocketed fender flares! :D That may make enough room for 40" tires.

bigjeep39 06-18-2002 12:45 PM

Hmmm, well i wonder if my stock motor will handle this, i am going to be doing some mods to it, i will gear the rear probably to 4:56 or would 4:88 be better...oh and no one answered my questions on components like SYE and stuff??


NaeKid 06-18-2002 06:38 PM

Long story short .. depending on how large of a tire you goto, you might need to push a few more horses outta your engine-bay. Even changing gears in the axles to something in the 4.88 range might not help enough.

Once you start swapping engines, it is usually easier to use a fully swapped in drivetrain to start (engine to axles .. new drive-shafts), and once that starts to fail due to extreame usage, then start upgrading parts for that drive-train.

If you change out your T-case, most of the ones that you would want to use already have yoke ears attached (Atlas as an example). Your tagline states that you have the 285 I-6 .. but not which tranny. If its the 5-speed BA-10 (Peugot), then you will need to change it out sometime soon.

When my Jeep was "stock", I had the 258 I-6 engine, BA-10 tranny, 231 T-case and the D30 front and the D35 rear. On 33" tires, it didn't do too bad, other than I blew out 2 engines and 2 trannies in one year. That's the reason I went to a Chevy drive-train.

Hope this points you in the right direction.

bigjeep39 06-19-2002 12:22 AM

Hey hey.. yah that really helps, it just seems all too much to swap over to a small block.. well i will check it out, i might bore mine 30 or 40 over like i originally planned..!!


bigjeep39 06-24-2002 05:16 PM

Yah..So where do i find the SYE for sale??


bigjeep39 06-25-2002 04:30 PM

Any help from would be greatly appreciated??!!

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