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JYRUS 02-24-2002 10:44 PM

spring over brake line question
with the RE springover kit do you relocate the brake lines or just tie them in the factory spot that sits atop the frame?

JYRUS 02-25-2002 08:18 AM


SethNCSU 02-25-2002 10:29 AM

I'm not sure what you are talking about, but the kit comes with longer brake lines that you mount in the same position as stock. I had to zip tie mine to the shock though because it was rubbing the tire. Hope that helps you.

JYRUS 02-25-2002 09:27 PM

i called RE today and the said to redrill new holes on the side of the frame and relocate them to allow them to be longer.

osburn 02-25-2002 10:16 PM

If you're talking about relocating the hard line, I ran mine below the frame. Just carefully bend it downward and don't kink the line. I didn't have to drill any holes. I just used the rear bolt on the bumpstop to fasten the bracket to the frame.

JYRUS 02-26-2002 01:39 AM

i am talking about in the front?

osburn 02-26-2002 08:29 PM

So am I! ;)

JYRUS 02-27-2002 07:17 AM

gotcha, would it be easier to run it down the front of the frame.

yj1988 02-27-2002 08:00 PM

I ended up with a different method after getting tired of my brake lines either being streched too much or rubbing, even after making them longer. I ran braided line to a T mounted on the diff case and down each tube to the brake calipers. This way I have plenty of flex going to the center of the diff and I can drop a tire or stuff it as high as I want with no problems. Do it once and do it right, it will never come back to haunt you.

osburn 02-27-2002 09:45 PM

I'll agree that is a trick way to do the brake lines. And very effective for off road use. But, those lines are seperated for a reason. Safety. You won't lose both front brakes on a single line failure. Can't say I'd ever recommend this sort of thing on a Jeep that sees highway duty.

I simply bent my hardline and ran it down the inside of the frame. The bracket winds up near the rear of the front bumpstops. I just pulled the rear bolt of the bumpstop and ran it thru both the bracket and the bumpstop.

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