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jeepinarkansas 06-23-2002 04:28 PM

Should there be any movement in the shackle when the jeep is in motion? Like when it hits a bump it should be allowed to flex, right? I think that I tightened up those bolts too tight with an impact wrench when installing my lift. Is that possible?
Thanks for the advice on this hard to explain problem.

Dan's YJ 06-24-2002 08:10 AM

Ya, you can over tighten them. They do need to move a little. If you do, you'll prob. start eating your bushings. hth

Jeep Man 06-24-2002 09:00 AM

Check your owners manual. There is a torque spec.

Paulwpetrea 06-26-2002 03:30 AM

If they are aftermarket shackles, you should have loc-nuts on the shackle bolts. You should torque these down to around 30 foot pounds.

Believe me, you will have a MUCH better ride, if you have them loose enough to flex.

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