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kralinc 07-12-2001 12:55 AM

Rehab Questions '87 YJ
I am in the process of trying to rehab my '87 YJ, I've managed to pull it all apart and am in the process of deciding just what to do. I will be rebuilding the 6 cyl 258 engine and replacing all of the electrics (no more computer - just the basics). I need to know if I can use a factory terminated wiring kit for a CJ given that I am starting from scratch? In addition I want to get rid of the mickey mouse plastic dash that the YJ has and replace it with, again something simple, namely a blank CJ dash panel which I can then customize to my specs. Will the CJ dash fit the YJ tub? Also any ideas on a steering column? I kind of beat mine up in dismantling it. Should I try to replace the entire column or just the plastic ignition housing?

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