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Hacken 09-15-2013 11:39 PM

redline weber 32/36 question
I have chosen to replace the carter with the weber on my 87 wrangler 4.2 L. The jeep is mostly stock however when decided to restore it the purge air system was previously removed as well as a couple of other components in the emissions system. my question is once i replace the carb with the weber are there any emissions components that i need to keep. i am under the impression that this will require me to change my ignition system wiring and reconnect the distributor to a ported vac. once that is done i see no reason to keep anything computer controlled related. the items in question are:

EGR system, manifold heater, evaporation canister, decel valve, knock sensor, coolant temperature switch, oxygen sensor, 10" and 4" vacuum switches.

packdog 09-16-2013 02:36 AM

Might need to Nutter
The carb itself will not need any of the old emissions stuff, but I do think you will need to Nutter the distributor (not sure because I went to an MSD box).

You can run the distributor off of ported or manifold vacuum, your choice. Do a little research to decide, but most people go with manifold vacuum. You might want to change the distributor (or at least the advancing plate in it) with a pre-emissions one in order to get the advance curve set up correctly.

The only things that need vacuum after you remove the emissions stuff is the distributor, power steering, the front axle disconnect (unless you have already modified it), and the heater/defroster controls.

So yes, you can remove the computer and it's sensors after you wire the distributor and electronic ignition module (Nutter) to work without it.

rocketboy 09-16-2013 06:36 AM

Here are a few threads with info I found useful when I installed my Weber.

The time now is 04:05 PM.

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