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1roughneck 04-12-2013 09:10 AM

popping/banging, no go under load ax5 or np231
My 95 yj was making a whirring or whining noise, and one day, crossing an intersection quickly, it popped and jumped. When I put it in 4hi, it drove without the popping, making me think the chain is worn in the tcase, and by equalizing stresses between both front and rear axles, it was less strain on the tcase. this worked for a couple weeks, and i parked it for the winter. Trying to pull my old 69 ford across the yard, it wouldnt go at all with the truck in tow, and loudly jumped and popped whenever I let off the clutch. I know ax5s are the weak link usually, but after regearing to 4.88s, trannies stopped breaking on me. It is the tcase, right?

The time now is 04:05 PM.

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