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bigjeep39 10-19-2001 02:13 PM

Oil Leak (drip)
I have a slight oil leak, it is sort of a drip because it happens a little here and a little there, i am wondering what it could be though, i mean there is a little oil around the place where you put oil, the engine block and some of the oil pan looks like there was oil on it, and down where the oil pan is where the motor connects to the tranny, it looks like there is some oil build up and it drips off that mostly. I am not sure though please help out.

Nightclaw 10-19-2001 04:58 PM

Jeeps don't leak - they mark their territory! ;)

Try this. Park the Jeep over a sheet of cardboard. Wait for a drop of oil to appear, then climb underneath and look directly above where the drop of oil is on the cardboard. From there, you can determine the source of the leak, either by seeing the leaking part or by following the leakage trail up to the source. Good luck! :)

JeepTodd 10-19-2001 09:36 PM

I recently purchased a 87 Wrangler that had an oil leak also. I found that it was coming from the valve cover. The valve cover does not have a gasket and instead uses a sealant type material. You can buy the correct sealant from the dealer for about $5.00 and if you have basic tools replace the gasket on the valve cover and hopefully stop the leaks. Mine was coming from the back of the valve cover and was also dripping onto the ground between the engine and transmission. Good Luck

bigjeep39 10-19-2001 11:30 PM

see, i have done the cardboard and it is coming from where the engine connects to the tranny, and the valve cover, i have already worked on that. I wonder if maybe its the oil pan gasket

glm 87 wrangler 10-20-2001 06:36 AM

I rember the days of my famous VW bugs. I had a 71 super beatle.It was very fast after the
rebuild job. It was so fast and I was so young
it only lasted 2 weeks.But it did not leak a drop of oil.Bugs and jeeps are made to leak oil. Least thats the wayI looked at it.I tried the sealent on the valve cover it leaked I used the cork valve cover gasket it leaks a little.And i only have a little over 35,000 on the rebuild.So if the leak is not
that bad dont worry about it.But rember thats my view of the 4.2 and 4.2 save the money till the leak gets worse if you cant find it soon..

bob91yj 10-20-2001 09:49 AM

I keep my engine clean just to spot little problems like this before they become big problems, almost anal about it probably. I had a leak that ended up dripping from the bottom of the bellhousing. At first I thought it might be coming from the rear main seal, further investigation revealed that it was a coming from the distributor, boy was I releived. It ran down the side of the block from the distributor to the oil pan rail, along the rail and down the bell housing where it finally dripped off. This was on a 4.0L, hope yours is something simple too.
I try to follow the K.I.S.S. theory when diagnosing problems-Keep It Simple Stupid.

bigjeep39 10-21-2001 07:19 PM

hey thanks to all
i am tightening bolts and it seems to help

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