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goinggonzo92 06-04-2013 08:18 PM

No start issue resolved!!!
Ok so I posted a No start problem Ive had for the last couple of months and couldnt believe how simple the fix was. I had problems with my jeep shutting off on its own from time to time for a couple of months until the last time it just finally died on me for good. I changed the distributor out and still no luck, the next thing I was thinking was the CPS but before I went out and spent more money on that I took a little more time to check for any loose connections or something that simple and found nothing. I went ahead and tried to start it one more time for ****s and giggles and the difference this time before prior starts I kept my foot on the gas peddle as I turned the key and it started right up. When I took my foot off the peddle it shut off again. So it would only turn over when I kept my foot on the gas. Took a minute to think about that and found a fuse in the panel under the hood marked (Fuel system regulator)....something like that and pulled the fuse and found corrosion on the terminals, so I cleaned them up real good with a wire brush plugged it back in and sure enough started right up without having to hold the gas peddle anymore!!:rofl:....Drove me nuts but just glad it was a cheap quick fix other than a new distributor. I hope this will give someone something to check for if they are having the same problem and keep them from pulling there hair out. Thanks :2thumbsup:

jeff_in_rc 06-05-2013 08:51 AM

Good for you! Did you post your results in your original post?

The time now is 10:55 AM.

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