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AJ 10-23-2001 04:06 AM

new gears, new carrier? locker?
I have 3.73's in my stock d35 d30 and I'm getting ready to go to 4.56. Am I going to need a new carrier or any other parts to make the switch?

I'm going to install a rear locker when I do the gear change. I'm interested in a limited slip style for all around traction. I get about 6 months of snow and ice and want improved traction on it as well as my occaisional off road runs. Any suggestions?

bob91yj 10-23-2001 07:15 PM

I'm not a big fan of limited slips, but lockers can be treacherous on ice. In your position I think I'd put the locker in the front axle for off road traction, keep the rear open or use a manual locker, ARB or OX.

Can't remember what the split is on carriers for sure, but if you get the OX or ARB it won't matter because either of those replaces the carrier.

jpwranglr9 10-23-2001 08:01 PM

i have a D35 with detroit locker with 4.56 disk brakes truss form a 95 YJ in MI. the split is up to 3.73 and 3.73 and up.

The time now is 08:00 PM.

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