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DJeepMyers 05-20-2010 10:05 PM

Need Help With A YJ Lift Kit!!??!!
ok so i bought my jeep, and the rear shock mounts rotted away. the previous owner had heavy duty bolts welded on. One of them is fine (drive ride). It is welded just below where the original mount was. it appears to have been a tricky weld, but it was done properly and is solid. i think it must have been tricky because he then welded the second one (passenger side) about 3 inches towards the front on the vehicle from its original position. The shock was at an improper angle and absorbed virtually no shock. the leaf took the damage and its noticeable. the jeep is 18 years old and has all stock leaves. i was thinking of simply buying the lift kit from JC whitney, that cost around $500. it includes all four leaves, new U bolts, and new shocks. it is a bolt off/bolt on kit, and uses the same holes as the stock leaves. i am obviously having the poorly mounted shock bolt relocated. but i need to know what else this lift is going to need. i understand i will need to extend my brake lines. but does the transmition need to be altered? i am hoping to install this lift in about a month but i need to know ALL that this lift will cost me. i cant simply start then stop halfway and be out of a jeep for a couple months. please let me know and ask any questions regarding my plans for lifting it if i left anything out. thanx

RockWoRM 05-20-2010 10:22 PM

A little more info. What height lift? What 'kit' are you talking about? TC adjustments will depend on that.
New shock mounts are no big deal, but they do need to be welded on. Warrior makes an inexpensive set. If your uppers are still in stock location, I'm not sure if just a 'bolt' is adequate. Pics would be helpful. D-line angles depend on height of lift. New SS braided brake line are better than relocaters.

WRM :cheers:

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