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notmyj 03-03-2011 08:11 PM

My York OBA
I have been wanting to do a York OBA on my YJ for a while but I waiting until everything fell into place. Well it finally happened and I scored a 210 with a brand new serpentine clutch for free. This set the wheels in motion and I began to assemble the parts needed to this right. Being as I work in a heavy truck shop, I access to damn near everything I need to do this for free. Follow along....

A few details about my jeep that are relevant in case anyone wants to go the same route that I did.

Its a 92, 4.0L with factory AC (this is important). 1" Motor mount lift, 1.25" Body lift (this is important as hood clearance is a factor.) The York that I have has the suction port on the left (as viewed facing the pulley), and the threaded o ring type fittings.

I know Kilby is the go to place for york kits and such, but I dont like the idea of using two belts and I felt I could make a bracket for free. Besides I already had the brand new serpentine clutch on my york.

Compressor as I found it

A bit of time in the blast cabinet, then I installed the new clutch..

I removed the factory compressor, then cut the tabs off of the mounting bracket.

I drilled a plate to match the mounting holes of the york. Bolted it to the york and began test fitting and tacking. I needed the mount to lay the compressor over with the Suction port facing up, and still be able to close the hood. The Kilby bracket lays the compressor on the other side. Not gonna work for me. So I made this...

The horizontal plate is the factory A/C mount with the tabs cut off. The angle piece is a 1/4" diamond plate that I had laying around at work.

Here is the compressor mounted up. The belt I ended up using was a 5061075 or a 1075K6.

The fittings are the factory ones that were for the truck the compressor cam off of. I cut the A/C hoses off flush, then drilled and tapped the block to 3/8" NPT. Coming off of the compressor, I have a Teflon/stainless braid compressor leader line that I made up at work (freebie). This line will allow the air to cool before it gets the rest of the stuff in the system. Using a standard rubber hose will eventually melt do to the temp of the compressed air.

Also, All air hose connection on my system will be 45* flare fittings. I have the ability to make crimp hoses at work so I figured why not. The hoses I am using are going to be DOT air brake hose with crimp on flare fittings, hence the fittings that are shown.

From the leader line, it is going to go into a check valve, then a coalescing filter then the 5 port manifold. The check valve and manifold are 1/2NPT inlet, the manifold has 3/8" outlets. From the manifold the half inch line is going to a tank mounted under the jeep. The line going to the tank will tee off and continue to the passenger rear corner, where I will mount another 2 port manifold. One with a quick disconect for an air hose, the other will supply the air to power my air operated OX locker in the front (Its a homebrew design that uses a cylinder to actuate the cable).

Its not complete yet, but here are pics of what I have.

The check valve. This will prevent the system from bleeding air back through the york. It doesnt cause any damage to the york as they were designed to be started up under pressure, but it will prevent the leak down of the system.

This manifold has the 12v pressure switch which will operate the relay that controls the clutch on the york, a quick disconnect (may get moved to another location) and the relief valve that will pop at 175psi. The manifolds are anodized aluminum.

The tank I am using is a small breathing oxygen tank like the kind old folks carry around on a cart. I removed the valve and just put an NPT fitting on it. Then I Drilled and tapped the side of it to put a drain valve in it. I mounted it with an exhaust clamp under the YJ. Pics of it mounted to follow...

Here is the small manifold for the rear of the jeep. The black fitting is a DOT pushlock that is commonly found on heavy truck air brake systems. I used it to plum the air locker in the front.

A few other words on the OBA project, The york 210 compressors are found on most heavy trucks. I havent seen one yet that wasnt a 210. Damn near all of them run serpentine belts and the clutches are readily available at any heavy truck dealer, or you can google "international a/c clutch" then click on shopping results. This will get them for around $100. If you want very specific manifolds to match your plan, or need to get fittings and other supplies, nuts, bolts, etc have a look at I have had nothing but great service from them, and they ship to me overnight for free. Sometimes its just one fitting, or a pile of stuff. Ebay is great too. I found some really good deals on the check valve ($20) and the Parker Coalescing filter ($31). So far my total investment into this is under $100.

notmyj 03-04-2011 11:11 AM

Just wanted to bump this for the daylight crew. Any comments or suggestions?

notmyj 03-05-2011 01:18 PM

Despite the rain today, I got the compressor mounted for the final time. I had to elongate the holes to get the belt aligned properly. Got almost all of the plumbing done, the intake is the blue silicone hose that goes to a barb fitting I plumbed into the airbox. The leader line just coils under the compressor to the check valve which is attached to the compressor via insulated clamp. I am planning on plumbing the DOT line from the manifold to the tank to the rear manifold sunday night at work.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

sitedzn 03-05-2011 02:57 PM

Waitin' for pics of the tank. Just finished my OBA this week using my factory york (just cut the hoses bout 2" off the fitting and used barbed hose ends). Yours definitely looks better than mine, but mine works and I'm ecstatic! Using a setup with a temporary tank (HFT 5 gal portable) until I can figure out what to do for one under the tub. I like your idea and can't wait for the pics! :cheers2:

notmyj 03-05-2011 03:22 PM

As promised here are the pics of the tank in the back. It is mounted right into the step of the tub where the rear floor rises to rear seat mount. It fits perfectly. I have another one that I might mount next to it if I feel I need it. They only hold just over a gal each. But the york should be able to recover quickly. Figured I would try it like this first and add the other later if I need it.

You can see the drain I added to it by drilling and tapping the bottle. Even with the drain hole drilled, it should be able to easily handle the 150psi in my system, as the bottle was originally designed to hold 1500psi. You can see the bottle is temporarily capped until I can make the hoses for this week at work.

Cobra Jeep 03-05-2011 04:38 PM

Good job. Never thought of mounting it at a angle like you did.

MukYJ 04-06-2011 12:55 PM

I like how you tapped into the airbox. I think I'll do the same, since my hood knocked off the Kilby air filter I bought...

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