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muirtons1 08-16-2013 09:48 AM

my wj 4.0 litre will not rev past 3500rpm HELP !!
Hi , all , i just bought a year 2000 WJ , 4litr auto , it has been great for two months then yesterday it wouldnt rev past 3500 in any gear or even neutral , i have replaced the TPS and the TOS to no avail , i have had the car serviced thoroughly and it is now officially driving me nuts , there are no codes showing , no engine check light on and my local gargage is at a loss as am i ,if anyone can help out with a cure it would be a godsend , i cannot however pop round as i live in the highlands of scotland so as i say if anyone can help it would be appreciated , thanks all

Que89YJ 08-16-2013 11:44 AM

You need to try and post here, the tech forums are vehicle specific and this is the YJ section:

The time now is 05:29 AM.

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