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pkearney06 04-02-2010 04:02 PM

Motorcraft 2100 Heat Riser Choke
Sooooo...I have an manual choke on my mc2100. Been doin a little research into the heat riser chokes (I think it's the tube that goes up through the manifold and into the same housing where the choke tang is). What all do I need to make this switch, if at all possible. I'm happy with the manual choke, but I'm just looking for a little convenience. Also, anyone's advice on how the heat riser (is that what they're called) chokes work would be greatly appreciated.

Do I need a certain cap? Do I need some kit?

Thanks fellas (and ladies),

Dado99TJ 04-02-2010 04:16 PM

Yes, you need the cap with the coiled spring inside. When the spring gets warm, it expands and moves the choke to the open position. There should be a place at the back of your choke for a fitting to screw on. I just used a piece of copper tubing to run to the bottom side of the exhaust manifold and up to this fitting. I also wrapped the tubing in friction tape for insulation. Seems to work good for me.

pkearney06 04-02-2010 04:31 PM

Can I just use the bimetal coil spring cover (the electric choke cap) and just not hook it up to an electric source? Or is there a separate cap that is used for the heat riser chokes?

Dado99TJ 04-02-2010 04:58 PM

I think you just have to make sure the bimetal spring is wound the right way so that it opens the choke when warm rather than closing it. I know if you use the one off the old carter carb, you have to pull the spring out and flip it over so it goes the right way. As far as an electric, if you have a cap from an electric choke, you need to ground one side of it and hook the other side to a source that's 12 v when the key is on.

pkearney06 04-02-2010 10:45 PM

I know how the electric choke thermostats work, i meant...can i use the electric choke thermostat (with the bimetal coil) and not hook it up to the voltage source and use it as a heat rise choke or is there a separate bimetal coil cap i need to look in to?

Dado99TJ 04-02-2010 10:51 PM

As far as I know, you can use the electric thermostat without hooking it to a power source. It should work just like the old style non electric chokes (heat riser).

pkearney06 04-02-2010 10:56 PM

Thanks, buddy. I appreciate your help. I'll look into it first thing in the morning.

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