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Anticanman 05-26-2013 10:31 PM

May YJOTM Vote Now!!
My apologies about it being late, I have been extremely busy lately. Thanks to metalcloak for helping us out and donating $100 to the winner.

Have some rules:

Rules for voting

All nonsupporting members must post when you vote or it will not be counted. Paid members do not have to post when voting.

No soliciting votes from within JF or outside JF

No promotion within this thread will be permitted via more pictures or descriptions. We have PMs please use them

All voters will remain public as to promote self moderation

Self votes will not be allowed. We are jeepers and we help each other out. Don't be selfish or you'll see where it gets you.

Anticanman 05-26-2013 10:35 PM


1989 Jeep YJ
2.5L TBI 4cly
AX5 trans with external slave swap
NP231J T-case
Dana 30/35
All water tight with extended vent lines
ARB Safari snorkel
Custom front drive shaft
3.5” H.D. BDS lift
5/8” H.D. M.O.R.E. booms
Aero Racing wheels
33x12.5x15 M/Ts
Front Smittybilt stinger
Rear Pro Comp bumper
Warn winch
O.R. Fab sport cage
Family roll bar swap
Tuffy stereo console
Tuffy trunk
Marine stereo
Marine speakers
CB radio
Rear TJ flairs
60" Hi lift on the hood
Snatch block
misc recovery gear
Safari top
Full doors
Half doors
Tube doors
Soon to be half hardtop
Currently have a SYE and 8.8 swap in progress and then stepping up to 35s

Anticanman 05-26-2013 10:36 PM


Year 1993
Drive train
4.0HO/ aw4
SYE/CV shaft
HP d30/d35 (8.8 going under next week!)
OME 2.5" Springs
Bilstein 5100 Shocks
BESRK 1/2" boom Shackles
35x12.5x15 Crushers
Craigar "D" Windows
Warn i9000xd Winch
48" Hi-Lift jack
30ft, 12,000lbs tow strap
"D" ring shackles
Other Junk
Metalcloak 4" Overlines
TJ cut rear wells
VDP sound bar
Sylvenia Silverstar headlights
New radiator, cap, thermostat
Taurus fan
Home brew rear bumper/carrier
Home brew front bumper/bull bar
Flowmaster 40 exhaust
How it came to be
I picked up this YJ in January. Before it I had a TJ for about 8 years, but lost it to unfortunate circumstances. In the few months that I've had it, I've fallen more in love with the YJ than I ever was with my YJ. She's rough and ready to go. My overall plan is to build the best DD/Weekend warrior that I can and so far I feel like I'm well on my way!
Since I've had the YJ, I've been able to take her wheeling a few times a week, while spending the rest of my time turning a wrench and either smiling, bleeding, laughing, or cussing at the Jeep!
As many of you know, my life kind of self destructed in the last month or two, and my YJ has kept me busy and focused; really helping to pull me through these difficult times. The YJ guys here on JF are the best around, and I really hope to meet as many of you on the trail as I can.

Anticanman 05-26-2013 10:37 PM


-5.3 Vortec LM7/4L60E/np231. (4.10) '91 YJ d30 w/ Aussie, 8.8 w/ stock LSD :thumbdown: SYE/Tom Woods shaft. Metalcloak front stubby bumper and Overline fenders, Smittybuilt rear TJ flares, homemade 3/16 sliders and no rear bumper. Chevy Cavalier seats and Family Style roll bar
-I bought the Jeep a few years ago after selling my truck to get out from under the payment and save money :laugh: that worked out well. I found JF while I was looking for a Wrangler and immediately started working on it. I built it up from stock axles on 30" tires to how it is now all while fighting with a carbed motor and the Puegot trans. Then last January I helped my friend tow the truck that I previously sold him after he wrecked it. I bought the '99 Silverado from insurance and have been working my *** off since then to finish the swap. The forum has been invaluable in helping me make it work :cheers2: And I don't get to drive it as much as I'd like since my girlfriend loves it so much!
All pics are since the motor swap

Anticanman 05-26-2013 10:38 PM


1993 jeep yj
Dana 30&35
3.5" suspension lift with 1.25" shackles
33" rocky mountain falkin tires
Tj Dana 30 one piece shafts
custom tube fenders
custom blazer tire carrier
2006 grand prix bucket seats
tj rear flares
Tj sound bar
Custom dual electric fan
WP winch mount, grill hoop, stinger combo
Badlands 12,000lbs winch
high lift mounted on tire carrier
100$ role on paint job
Full soft bestop supertop doors and soft top

I purchased the Jeep back in September of 2011 and it was a mess. It was your traditional beat up YJ with tons if body rust and frame rot. Me, not knowing much about any kind of vehicle, looked post all that and just saw a Jeep. I was hooked instantly. I gave the guy his money and threw my new love on the tailor. the rest is history.
Tons of rust repair, part replacement and so on. I've had to replace just about every pay of the YJ so far from the engine, trans, tcase, brake system, ext..
I have put a lot of work, money, blood and swet into this pit, have broken down and put it up for sale twice, but i can honestly say I have no regrets. I'm hooked and always will be!!!!
The day i brought her home

Anticanman 05-26-2013 10:38 PM


-Rebuilt, bored .030 over 4.2 with Howell FI Kit
Stock BA trans, transfer case, and axles with 3.07's.
Posi-lok replaced the vacuum-no 4x4 light
Corbeau suspension seats and harnesses
Roll bar from a '93 YJ
Cobra CB and rock lights
No glove box
Red wheels wrapped in Hankook Dynapro AT
Hard top and full doors when it's cold
Mesh top and no doors/soft half doors when it's hot
-I bought my Jeep a few years ago off of my boss for $200. A rebuild carb, valve cover gasket, $200 worth of tuning at a shop and $400 in back tags later I was on the road in my first vehicle. It hasn't change much from then until now due to school, money and time obligations but its mine and I like it all the same. Currently it's a daily driver and the primary dog hauler. We take it camping and use it to get to hiking trails in the mountains of Southern Californian quite often.


Anticanman 05-26-2013 10:40 PM


1994 Jeep Wrangler S
I bought it used in 1996 and have been tinkering about on it ever since. I don't have the amount of money necessary to do what I want to it all at once, so I’ve spread it out over the course of a number of years. I purchased it in California before communism and while I was still in the Marine Corps. It’s been with me through all of life’s ups and downs; children, divorce, career changes, deployments, etc.
• 2.5L low output four cylinder
• Banks header and catback
• Taurus 2 speed fan
• Converted to power steering
• Dodge Ram alternator
• Dodge Dakota steering box.
• Stock 5 speed and transfer case
• Rubicon Express SYE
• Rubicon Express CV rear driveshaft
• Open Ford 8.8 rear with RuffStuff kit and diff cover
• Stock shaft and Dana 30 front
• 35x12.50 Goodyear Kevlars on 10x15 ProComp fake lockers
• Rubicon Express 4.5” Extreme Duty lift
• Off Road Technology bumpers front
• Off Road Technology bumpers rear w/tire carrier
• stinger
• Mile Marker 8,000 lbs electric winch with fabricated fairlead and light mount
• Home fabricated fender flares
• Poison Spyder Crusher Corners
• Smittybilt side bars
• IPF headlight kit with some cheap H4 bulbs
• PIAA off road lights
• KC tail lights
• Rear LED reverse light bar
• Mastercraft Rubicon Dirtsport seats with Mastercraft 3pt harnesses
• Grant steering wheel
• Herculiner’d interior
• Raingler nets
• Bestop Full top with tinted windows, full bikini top, tonneau and slider uppers

The drivetrain currently sports a tired 2.5L low output four cylinder to the stock 5 speed and transfer that has a Rubicon Express SYE twisting a Rubicon Express CV driveshaft and open RuffStuff appointed 8.8 rear and a stock shaft and 30 up front. This is spinning slowly, some 35x12.50 Goodyear Kevlars on 10x15 ProComp fakies. The engine has a Banks header and catback, a Taurus fan, and converted power steering using a mix of YJ and ZJ parts. Also added a Ram alternator and a Dakota steering box.
The lift is a Rubicon Express 4.5” Extreme Duty lift w/ RE shocks. There is also a 2” BL that I may drop one day, but I recently lifted my tank into that space so I may have to clearance it first.
I have some one-off Off Road Technology bumpers (front and rear w/tire carrier). The winch bar of this blem front bumper was too low, so I chopped it and mounted a stinger that I will eventually tie into a grill guard or the tube fenders. On the bumper is a Mile Marker 8,000# winch that works so far. The tube fenders are also and some steel I got from old wall lockers that I formed and welded. I had some help from a friend on the fronts, and realized I had the skills to do the rears on my own. The rears are on some Poison Spyder Crusher Corners. The Jeep also has some older Smittybilt nerf bars that my wife needs to be able to get in the Jeep.
I have an IPF headlight kit with H4 bulbs, PIAA lights up front, KC tail lights out in the rear. I built a license plate mount with light and moved the plate to the spare. I fabricated a reverse light bar with some LEDs that tucks in nicely under the bumper, we’ll see if it survives better than the cheap Wal-mart lights that died there. Before I left on my current deployment, I put in some strip LEDs I’m trying to use as rocklights, but haven’t hooked them up just yet. Maybe while I’m on leave.
Inside the Jeep has some Mastercraft Rubicon Dirtsport seats front and rear, with Mastercraft 3pt harnesses. There is a Grant steering wheel as well. I removed the carpet back in ’99, poured in some Herculiner and never looked back. When the engine and automatic go in, the whole dash and related materials will change out. A set of Raingler nets keeps it all together in the back. I have the larger bikini top that Bestop has that covers the back and occasionally I run with a tonneau cover over the rear. Winter time I run a full soft top with slider uppers on my doors and tinted rear plastic. I fabricated a rear deck behind the rear seat that keeps everything from falling out.

Anticanman 05-26-2013 10:41 PM

'92 vegas YJ

-'92 YJ
-4.0L with airaid air intake, 1" brown dog MML
-NP231. Teralow 4:1, true nuetral plate and Advance Adapters SYE
-98" Wheelbase
-SOA front with waggy springs bastard pack with XJ main leaf military wrap plus offset perches for a 3" front stretch
-SOA rear, 1" rear stretch with bastard pack springs made up of stock and some procomp lift springs to help keep some arch
-1/2" BESRK boomerang shackles F/R
-14" Bilstein 5125 fron shocks
-WFO front shock hoops
-Doetsch Tech rear shocks
-D30 front axle, trussed, vacuum delete
-Spartan locker
-1.25" Spidertrax wheel spacers
-SOLID diff cover
-Ford 8.8 rear axle w/ disk brakes
-welded tubes
-1.5" Spidertrax wheel spacers
-SOLID diff cover
-35x12.50r15 Goodyear MTR
-15x8 cragar black steel wheels
-belly up flat skid
-custom shortened "stubby" front procomp bumper
-Rear Smittybilt bumper tire carrier w/ fullsize spare
-M.O.R.E. hi-steer bracket with custom drag link & Tie rod
-Tatton front Drive shaft that allows for stretch
-Poison Spyder aluminum crusher corners
-4 1/2" LED tail lights
-Warn m8000
-A/C converted to OBA w/ 3 gallon tank mounted in trunk area
-Herculined interior
-Sony CD player/radio
-MK44 ammo can center console
-GT Grant steering wheel
-roll cage mounted fire extinguisher
-rear parts box for spare parts, tools and first aid kit
-Hi-lift jack
-thumb throttle
-rock lights
-daystar interior switches for accessories
-dimpled stock gas tank/skid to accomodate stretch
-Flowmaster exhaust beat up from trails
-body damage
-Tube fenders using stock inner fenders w/ Genright mesh side louvers
-rocker guards
-oil pan skid
-traction bar made from 1.5x.250 DOM with ruffstuff heims and poly bushings
-traction bar mount and custom made shackle
-steering using 1.5x.250 DOM w/ Ruffstuff 5/8 hiems
-front and rear sport cage from 1.75x.120 DOM
-Cut down XJ shaft for rear CV shaft using 3"x.250 4130 Chromolly(made w/ the help of Joe Dillard)
-Steering box brace
-license plate relocation mount
-custom removable cooler mount on spare tire carrier

dillonjm 05-26-2013 11:04 PM

First vote. I win....another drink.

Nice lookin rigs, gents.

Dake 05-26-2013 11:20 PM

2nd vote here we go!

zte87 05-26-2013 11:39 PM

Pow......3rd vote in!

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pocket booger 05-27-2013 12:29 AM


Michaelgoesrawr 05-27-2013 12:34 AM

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Voted. I feel real special to get one of the first votes. :laugh:

ashland82391 05-27-2013 02:22 AM


Originally Posted by Michaelgoesrawr (Post 15484799)
Voted. I feel real special to get one of the first votes. :laugh:

I like the red rims and your picture is awesome! :-)

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