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mule-brothers 05-17-2001 11:55 AM

lifts- undecided need ideas
Ok now a new dilemma, at one time I was thinking of putting a 2.5 lift on my 89YJ which has a 6 cycle/hardtop. I want to use 32" tries..I hardly go off road not to say once I have everything done I might go more. This jeep is a daily driver. After hearing about spring sag. I thought about a 4" lift or 4.5" extreme from Rubicon Express :cool: Then I learned with that I would need a tail shaft converter kit and other body modifications, which would be ok with a 32" tires and a 4.5 jeep may look like it has baby tires on it.....just guessing. So now I'm back to considering the RE extreme 2.5 kit with a 1 or 1.5 body lift considering all the pricing and labor.(maybe a 4.5 kit would be ok I just don't want to look like I ave baby tires :o) Most of the labor I can do at home I think, (body questionable at home). Also a local 4x4 shop said I could create a lot of problems lifting it more than 2.5. But through this whole ordeal I have learned how vain I am :rolleyes:. I want my jeep to look good and have all around performance on and off road (even though I don't really go off road yet) I am open for any ideas or suggestions.

wilhelm 05-17-2001 01:07 PM

ok rookie,i have a 87 YJ with a rancho 2.5 in lift and i run 31x10.5 BFG AT's. it looks good,,, i drive it every day and i don't go off road that much, but the times i have , this combination worked well for me.. my suggestion would be an OLD MAN EMU 2.5in kit(because these springs don't sag and ride nice on the street) with a 1/2 in shackle lift(taller shackles), that would give you 3inches of total lift. for tires; i wouldn't run anything over 31's (unless you bought them already)or you might run in to a loss of mpg's . (you didn't say weather you had a auto or stick . the 6cyl 5spd has 3.07 gears the 6cyl auto has 3.54 gears , if you have the 6cyl auto you shouldn't have a problem with mpg's running the 32's ) . i'd stay away from a body lift altogether, they just cause problems with noise and such as time goes by. as for a tail shaft conversion ; i did it on mine to stop the rear seal from always leaking.
i hope this helps a little.
wilhelm nj

mule-brothers 05-17-2001 04:53 PM

thanks for the information I do have a 5 speed so thats mean I would lose mpg bigger tires ?

smithbuiltYJ 05-17-2001 07:21 PM

Hey rookie,
Bigger tires means more work for the engine, so usually less mpg. Also with bigger tires your speedometer, and odometer will be off, from stock, and you might want to change the speedometer gear. Bigger tires also make the engine run at higher rpm's than normal operating range, and the bigger the tires, the more you will want to regear your differentials. There are a lot more mods you need to do with taller lifts. Generally 3" and less is a lot less mods. Anything higher requires extended brake lines, SYE, with new drive shaft, dropped pitman arm, etc.(the RE extreme kit does include a lot of these items, but not SYE, and drive shaft). Any body lifts over 1" are not generally recommended. Slight shackle lifts (1/2"- 1 1/4") are ok. I just put a BDS 2" lift on my '95 YJ, currently with soft top, and it gave me 3.5" of lift. The new springs should settle a little eventually, but BDS also gives a lifetime warranty on their springs. I am also running 31x10.5, Goodyear AT/S, and I have a 4 cylinder. I might go to 32", but I'd want to regear anything larger than that. I was running the 31's on my stock YJ before lift, on stock rims (15x7), and they fit ok, just some rubbing on the leaf springs when making hard turns. I added a couple washers to the steering stops and fixed that. Wheel backspacing on stock rims is about 5.25", and to avoid rubbing suspension components you might want to consider aftermarket rims with backspacing around 3.75 - 4". Sorry this was long. HTH.

mule-brothers 05-18-2001 12:18 PM

Ok so I go with a 2.5 lift and a shackle should these shackles be greasable..and any tip on what brand..

damonejeep 05-18-2001 02:56 PM

Wilhelm gave some good points, but there are some other aspects to consider. How much off-roading are you going to be doing? The reason I ask is because the more you go, the more you will want the added clearence of a larger lft. The RE 4.5 extreme is a good lift. I just installed the BDS 3.5" lift with a 1" body lift. And it really has performed well, on and on road. Right now I have about 5" of lift, (before settleing of the springs).
With the added lift and tire size you should re-gear you front and rear ends (should be done together). If you do not, your crawling in 4wheel drive will suffer, along with going up hills on the highway.
Rookie-Jeepster, before you do any lift, you should ask yourself what type of terrain you will be on, and how much lift you really want. Lifts should be done right the first time, because if not, it can be even more expensive buying one lift now and another one later.

Just my thoughts. :D

wilhelm 05-18-2001 04:33 PM

i think the bottom line here is $$$$$$ how much do you want to spend.
i have the currie greasable shackles their
pretty good. like i said , it's what is in your buget ..... good luck... wilhelm nj

mule-brothers 05-18-2001 10:51 PM

:rolleyes: ok very good points to consider... present time I don't go off road much and its nothing major when I do just goofing around. But I can see if I get the bug I would want to do it right. I don't want to have to upgrade again and pay double.
So I can afford the RE 4.5 kit and I even talked to Tom woods about a slip yoke elimater kit, so if I do the 4.5 kit would I also have to replace the drive shaft and should I use 4.10 gear upgrade...I think I'm getting the jeep-bug thats all I think about
Thanks guys :D

purpleYJ 05-23-2001 10:56 AM

The magic number in suspension lifts is 3". Anything more requires fabrication and addition of other things (read more money).
You can get a 2.5"-3" lift and incorporate a body lift (1-1.5" before fabrication) and have quite a formidable Jeep. If you want more drop, you will need to do some fabrication, but Tera's Revolver shackles are awsome.

gunaja 05-25-2001 05:28 PM

can anyone help me figure out the best thing for me to do about a lift for my YJ. it all ready has 4 inch shackels on it but i want a 4inch suspenion lift but i dont really know what is the best way to go about it.

jpwranglr9 05-26-2001 08:49 PM

you put a 4" shackel on? how did your drive line hold up? i've used 1.25" shackels for a while and they caused me all kinds of hell.
well, there are many lifts out there and im sure you read above. i currently have a soa with 4" front pro comp springs and 3.5 BDS rear springs. it takes a lot to get the jeep right though, includins HD SYE with CV, transfer case drop, new front driveshaft, custom stearing, shocks, lines, $$$$$. so you can see where that goes. i did all the custom fab and install myself to save money. but i have dont all the lifts from add a leaf to what i have now 8.5".

Keymaster 05-26-2001 11:52 PM

What kind of hell did your shackels cause you? I was thinking of going with shackels to get me just a little bit of lift because I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a suspension lift.

91 YJ - 6 cyl., 5 speed, 31" tires

dalemac 05-29-2001 01:39 AM

I was going to ask the same question as Keymaster. What kind of hell do you get from a shackle lift? I got a 2.5" lift on my 89 with probably a bit of sag in the springs. I have 31x10.50 tires and the only contact I get is a bit on the rear fender flares. I was trying to decide between a 1" body lift or a shackle lift that nets about the same.

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