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CJ327 06-25-2001 10:54 AM

K&N Air Filters
I have a 93 4 cyclinder Wrangler. I have been reading and hearing that K & N air filters will give you better gas mileage and performance on the steep hills. Is this mod worth the $40??, especially for a college kid. If it does give better gas mileage, what have you guys been gaining? 2, 3 mpg?


bonehead99 06-26-2001 02:54 PM

I installed a k&n on my 94 6cyl. I didn't really notice better gas milage, but I did notice better throttle response. I took the stock air cleaner out and used a 3in pipe with a k&n cone filter I think it was 50-70mm cone. I bought it on ebay for $25, the pipe was free, needed small piece of 3in air cleaner hose. If you'd like more info email me.

Somohllik 07-02-2001 01:03 AM

I just put a K&N air filter in my '90 YJ and noticed quite a bit better throttle response. I am still trying to find out if it improves gas mileage. I doubt it'll do a whole lot. My overall opinion is go for it. You go nothing to lose.

ASUJeep4x4 07-05-2001 02:33 PM

I too considered getting a K&N air filter for my 1993 4-cylinder, but I looked around on the net and found a easy/free mod on that removes a factory air restrictor. When I found this, I just decided to get a Fram air filter and complete the mod....all in all it took me 10 minutes. I noticed a throttle difference especially in first gear, and my gas mileage may have improved slightly, but has definitly not decreased. Hope that helps in your decision

horatio102 07-05-2001 07:38 PM

I've had K&N's in three different cars. I have never noticed an increase in fuel economy, but always better throttle response and power. Oh. It sounds better too. I think the reason I don't get better mpg is that I stand on the gas more.

thumper 07-05-2001 11:33 PM

I saw a display with a ping pong ball showcasing the cons of a fram filter and the pros of a K&N filter. In this demonstration the ball showed that K&N allowed an enormus amount of air to pass through it.
Wether or not you get better power its advantage is never needed another filter. Toss it in the dishwasher, blow it out with your onboard air, rinse it in a creek and you will allways be good to go.
But Holley makes a filter that has all the same advantages as K&N but its pleats have a larger radius. I didnt know about it untill I flipped through my muscle car mag. Performance is better but you cant beat the durability for an off road vehicle.

horatio102 07-06-2001 04:11 PM

um. You will ruin your filter if you throw it in the dishwasher or use an air compressor...
clean it with a solvent, then rinse, then re-oil. If you clog it with dust on the trail, take it out and bang as much off as you can.

hamyscj 07-08-2001 04:08 PM

It seems the general concensis(?) is that fuel mileage is not much better. I can agree. I have the cone style on my 92 and still get 12-14 mpg. Sucks ,I know but thats life. It does sound cool and runs better especially up hills.

Nine5YJ 07-09-2001 08:07 AM

I have a K&N air filter and i also have removed the restrictor cone in my airbox. I have noticed a much stronger throttle response in the lower gears. I have not found any improvement in gas mileage... if anything it got worse cause i floor it out now cause i have more power.

95 YJ 4 Cyl
Slight mods

helter 07-09-2001 09:56 AM

Is there any problem with emissions testing and removing the restrictor or using a K&N filter? I've got a PA jeep that is anually inspected and emissions tested - I don't want to do anything that'll cause me problems later.

This is also why I had to go with those 30x9.5's

osburn 07-10-2001 11:18 PM

Realistically, if the fuel mileage doesn't increase, the power probably didn't either ya know. Remember the mileage is an objective measurement, throttle response is not. Personally, I doubt you would "feel" the improvement even if you gained all that was touted by K&N. I know, I'm a dick for say'n it, but I'm skeptical. I challenge you to actually test this somehow using a paper and a K&N in the same Jeep and do some objective analysis.

I really don't think they're all that big a deal. I know I sure couldn't feel any difference. And I've been through enough mods to know what a difference will "feel" like. They've just made getting a clean filter under the hood a pain. Instead of just tossing in a new filter after every run, now I've got to hose the damn thing out, wait for it to dry and then oil it. You might not be paying for filters anymore, but between the pain in the butt and the cost of the filter and cleaners and oil, I just don't think it's worth it.

Pantera 07-11-2001 01:04 PM

Actually, I installed a K&N Filter on my last car, a Plymouth Laser, and noticed a considerable improvement in gas mileage and power... I had kept a gas mileage log for the car since day one and once I installed the K&N, my mileage went up 20% across the board... Keep in mind, the change was a lot more noticable in that car due to it's aerodynamical shape and super thrifty engine... You may get a 10-20% increase in mileage, but in a Jeep® your change will be less noticable...

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