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Anticanman 06-13-2012 09:23 PM

June YJOTM Enter Now!!!
Since you have been asking for it, June will have a contest now! I'm changing a few of the rules and I want to try a couple new things so bear with me. If youre used to a certain format for the contest, dont fret! The entries will be exactly the same save for the few that would like to try the new format.

The second part and the most important feature in this contest!! I need donations for the prize for the YJOTM from here on out. For you guys who are upgrading parts and have something worth donating, I'm sure this contest would be a little more personal with these types of prizes. If you have any ideas, please PM me. There are a thousand vendors that I could solicit for handouts but I feel this contest needs something given back from the yj community.

On to the rules and subsequent substitutions, remember that disqualification is only a mouse click away. Please read former months' contest entries if you are unsure of formatting. As always, I am available via PM with answers to your questions.

`````````````````````````````````````````````````` ``````````
The rules:
To enter into the Yj of the Month contest, you must adhere to a certain set of guidelines. These are set up to keep the contest within a reasonable format and provide the voters with a certain ease of use. Applicants must have 50 technical post and had been a member since the last calendar month respectively. Entries should follow this formatting:

-YJ year of production
-Specifications and modifications
-Brief history of your jeep and how it came to be. (optional)
-Three pictures [IMG] tags embedded onto entry

Entries will be narrowed down by a secret panel of judges on here who have deemed themselves knowledgeable in the YJ spectrum. They will most likely be former winners themselves voted by the very guys entering in the first place. Winners of the contest cannot enter again for an entire calendar year but everyone is welcome to enter every month. For the time being, all entries should be sent to me via PM as to not lose track like entries sent in prior months that were eaten by the spam filter in the email account. If your entry is not selected, please review the formatting and double check the rules and try again next month.

If there are any more questions feel free to post in this thread or PM me with any concerns or suggestions. Some of the changes were due in part to the overwhelming amount of time it takes to put this together even with a set of judges to filter through the entries. Good luck to all!

And please add a "YJ" tag to the PM, it helps me sort through them for archival purposes.


As a trial basis, if you would like to include one picture (in photobucket [IMG] format) and one (singular) one minute video hosted on YouTube of the jeep in action (not a tutorial of you talking like youre selling it) instead of the three pictures, please keep the language clean and the videos open to mobile access as I do most of this contest on my IPhone.

jsawduste 06-14-2012 06:31 AM


Louie4 06-14-2012 06:56 AM


Do you care if it's cash donations or just strictly jeep parts? I'm sure I can spare a few bucks that could go to a Quadratec or 4WheelParts gift card.

The only thing I have lying around at the moment is a used dropped pitman arm which I'm sure everyone has. I take that back, I have an extra sound bar for a TJ but I plan on swapping my stock YJ one out for that. No speakers just the sound bar.

Anticanman 06-14-2012 08:42 AM


It's ironic that you would post on donating a gift card after jsawdust's post as he won the yjotm and donated the gift card that I paid out of pocket to you. Weird. Any donations help a lot. I want to see what kind of parts we have lying around and I was going to possibly start a weeklong "Garage sale" thread in tech to hopefully push folks to use the classifieds section.

mrmark 06-14-2012 01:15 PM

I have front and rear track bars and a front sway bar that I am sure someone with a YJ could use :rofl: Oh I also have a bunch of old rusted 8.8 brake parts too. (they just haven't made it to the garbage yet)

branjmb 06-14-2012 01:40 PM

As soon as i get some action shots of my lift (finishing today) I'm IN!!

phunhawg98 06-15-2012 12:26 AM

damn.. i only got 39 posts
i want in..
parts.. i got a great set of trail dana 44 rear axles
rear drum brakes cmplt from a dana 44
oem tail lights, rollbar forwards and ALL the pads for the family cage
can i get in

Anticanman 06-15-2012 12:28 AM

Maybe next month..

phunhawg98 06-15-2012 12:30 AM

oh and a true trac for the dana 30
im sure i got alot more, maybe even a a yj after next weeks trip thru the con on my new 40 iroks..lmao

Anticanman 06-15-2012 01:10 AM


Originally Posted by phunhawg98 (Post 13724309)
oh and a true trac for the dana 30
im sure i got alot more, maybe even a a yj after next weeks trip thru the con on my new 40 iroks..lmao

Is there anything you'd like to donate?

Rynfw100 06-15-2012 02:51 AM

I'm glad that this is still a part of the YJ community. I won't be able to participate in this contest until my Jeep is actually up and running since I got 0 votes last month. I cannot go through that pain again. :teehee:

Good luck to all of the entrants and I hope this is a good month :thumbsup:

phunhawg98 06-15-2012 08:59 AM

i can donate all but the true trac, where/when do you want it, i just remembered i have the complete front seat belts sets too as i went to harness's

mrmark 06-15-2012 10:36 AM

I don't usually have anyone to take video of me so this new "video" requirement rules me out of any competition.

Rynfw100 06-15-2012 11:31 AM


Originally Posted by mrmark (Post 13725600)
I don't usually have anyone to take video of me so this new "video" requirement rules me out of any competition.

It's an either or. You can still upload 3 pictures instead of the 1 picture and 1 video.

Anticanman 06-15-2012 11:50 AM

The video portion opens up the competition and makes it a little more fun to watch.

As there hasn't been a single entry yet, I don't think this month is going to happen.

The time now is 08:55 PM.

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