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-D- 06-28-2001 07:57 PM

Installing Home Grown Anti-theft "features"
First off, I don't want a car alarm because I don't pay attention to them and I don't expect anyone to unless it's to throw a rock at the offending vehicle. However I was thinking about trying to rig my own homegrown security system in a YJ. My first couple ideas were a hidden ignition kill (one jeep I saw you had to turn on the left blinker in order to turn the car on) and a hidden fuel-line cutoff. I'd prefer to use some sort of electrical cutoff valve since it's much easier to run wires than to run the fuel line into the cab (I think).
Has anyone done this or have any suggestions as to how to go about doing this? Any ideas about alternate security measures that won't cost a fortune (that's my other gripe about car alarms). Thanks

JpZombie 06-28-2001 08:09 PM

I think the most you would need is an igintion kill switch hiddened some where. I'm not really worried about someone stealing my Jeep but people stealing the stuff in my Jeep. I think a good idea would to make a igintion kill switch and put it inside a Tuff Center Console. :)

-D- 06-29-2001 12:17 PM

That ordinarily would not be a bad idea at all except that I don't plan on installing a Tuffy Center Console! :) I actually intend to build my own custom center console to house a subwoofer and have a few other features I desired that tuffy could not satisfy -- DC/AC Inverter outlets, lockable storage (yes tuffy has this but not with the rest), cup holders, arm rest.. all in one unit that looks nice.

Alternatively though I will install an ignition kill somewhere, I really like the idea of having it buried in a normal use component like the blinker.
thanks for the advice.

NaeKid 06-30-2001 02:37 AM

A friend of mine moved his ignition switch from the steering colum to a toggle switch on the dash that looks like a standard "fog-light" switch .. and put it in a bank of other same looking switches ..

The key puts the power to the system, the toggle activates the motor .. most of the "joy riders" would never figure it out .. the professionals wouldn't care ... they use a tow-truck.

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