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BlakeTwi 10-17-2011 02:52 PM

Im having idling issues and i need help
i am new to this forum and i hope you guys can help. i recently bought a jeep and took it up to some trails my friend knew about. didnt do anything serious. drove through some deeper puddles and climbed a few shallow hills. nothing steep and i never did anything that would hurt the suspension or anything underneath. the next morning, i went to get into the jeep and normally itll idle high (choke) at about 1500 RPM. after itll be about 800-1000 RPM. I started it up and it idled at about 500-600 RPM and it sounded like it was sputtering. Later i was showing it to my brother and when i pushed the pedal to the floor, it topped out at about 2300 RPM. When it reached this high, it kept sputtering and was really having to work to stay running.... For you information, i had to take it to a mechanic when i first brought it home and i ended up having to get a new carburetor. my brother suspects its a problem with the air/fuel ratio... any ideas?


dancytron 10-17-2011 03:37 PM

Still has the stock carb I assume.

Mine ran just like that when I got it.

It is a first generation computer controlled carburetor and timing. So everything has to be working (sensors and vacuum stuff) for the computer to run the vehicle right, but unlike modern ones, it doesn't automatically tell you what is wrong.

You really have one of two choices. You can go through and test/fix all the emission control stuff (sensors etc_) so that the computer can run the thing properly or you can bypass the computer.

to bypass

to fix and understand what can go after you bypass.

Tune up with better Ford parts.

Your brother is right, the air to fuel ratio is bad because the computer isn't properly controlling it. Timing is bad for the same reason.

Make sure you won't flunk visual emissions inspection by doing Nutter bypass.

jbolty 10-17-2011 03:50 PM

Before you do anything, check you local smog requirements. You might be able to swap on a weber or motorcraft carb.

Also, these things are notorious for vacuum leaks so check and re-check all the hoses and connections for leaks; including the ones to the transfer case and axle disconnect.

dancytron 10-17-2011 04:05 PM

After market carb $250+.

Bypassing computer $10 or less (and you have to do it anyway when you get the aftermarket carb).

Besides, he already got a new (assume rebuilt stock carter) when he bought it. If everything else is working, the stock carb will run 1000% better than what he is describing.

BlakeTwi 10-20-2011 01:12 PM

Turns out... I got a crap carb. I dont know much about motors or really anything about the mechanical side of jeeps but the mechanic said that the new carb i got was bad...somehow... and the company was very quick to replace it. I haven't got the jeep back yet but he says it runs better now than when I originally brought it home. I have another question though. I'm looking at lift kits. With the help of my brother, this is something I can do.haha. does anyone know how high I can go without making major changes? keeping in mind I am also getting new wheels and tires eventually...

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