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Phil6mac 09-06-2011 10:28 PM

The jeep is making a constant humming sound behind the driver side rear tire. Its like a constant "HMMMMMMMMMMMM". Any thoughts? Could this be my fuel pump or something else with the fuel system? Its definitely louder on the rear driver side corner than the passenger side. Help!:brickwall

notmyj 09-06-2011 11:51 PM

Do you only hear it when moving? or when the engine is running? If when the engine is running its the fuel pump. This is normal if the tank is low on fuel as the pump its self is no longer submerged, even though the pump pickup is. If the tank is full, then its the pump making noise. I have had a pump make noise like that for years with never a problem. But I have had pumps fail within days of making noise. Some pumps dont make any noise when they fail....

Phil6mac 09-07-2011 08:54 PM

I can hear the sound while driving and while parked with the engine still running. I'm on the lower side of the tank for sure (probably 5 or 6 gallons left). I have noticed the sound for maybe a month or so now...I think I've noticed it because I just put my soft top back on so its a bit quieter in the cab now (quietness is relative:)). No other issues though....

Should I fill the tank all the way and see if I notice the sound still? Appreciate the feedback!

bigbossd1030 09-08-2011 09:48 AM

Yeah fill it and see, just remember if its your pump and you fill it and it craps out, you now have a full tank to deal with when you replace your pump.

The time now is 05:41 AM.

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