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Rockwall 09-23-2001 09:13 PM

remove the air tube comming from the air intake box,then look in the 6" long hard tube
which is made in the air box, where the air tube connects from the air box inside the hard tube there is a "air restrictor" pry it out with plain flat screwdrivers and atach the air tube back, and there is ten horsepower for free
(dont put the restrictor back afterif you want the 10 HP)
P.S. Keep the air restrictor as a souvenir

rev 10-20-2001 07:51 PM

does this really work??

bob91yj 10-20-2001 10:04 PM

Lot's of people do it, mixed reviews as to whether it really makes a difference. I doubt it's a 10 hp gain tho.

LNDSRK 10-21-2001 09:32 AM

I honestly feel that it does make a differences. I can actualy make up the hills, without having to downshift. That is from 5th to 4th.

I-4 10-21-2001 12:07 PM

it helps..i don't know about 10 hp.that's stretching it.

Rockwall 10-21-2001 09:41 PM

Hey guys (and girls) what is there to debate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bluebellyday 10-22-2001 06:00 AM

Just FYI.
There is also a restrictor on the intake side of the air box. You need to remove both of them. For a true power gain go with a K&N filter and For a 91~95 YJ, shop the salvage yards for a 4.0 throttle body.
this setup will give you a noticeable increse in power. ;)

bluebellyday 10-22-2001 06:24 AM

Here is the write up I did on the throttle body. Just incase you missed it.
I picked up a 4.0 throttle body at a local salvage yard. It came off a 93 Grand Cherry.
I cleaned up the 4.0 throttle body then I got brave. I read about a do it yourself throttle body boring projct. so using a 1 inch drun sander I removed the extra mareral around the base of the TB. After smoothing, recleaning and putting it all together again I had a clean board 4.0 TB......but will it work???
I set about removing the old 2.5 TB. and decided to try and use the 4.0's TPS and AIS motor. When I went to install the TB I found that the 4.0 TB had a small tap that extends below the AIS motor. This tap prevented the TB from setting flush with the intake. I think it's a dummy tabs to prevent Jeep workers from grabing the wrong TB when putting it together.....Well what to do?
I will admit I'm hardheaded. so to the grinder I go. I removed the tab and continued mounting. Mounting went well after that. all holes ane elect. connections matched. The air cleaner went right on no problems.
The moment of truth... I started the motor.. it reved a little high for a second but the computer then brought it back to normal. Idle was smooth...At this point I relaxed a little. I knew it wasen't going to blow up. On the road I go. I first noticed the sound of the intake was ..deeper. I liked it. I have an auto tranny and every thing ran smooth through the gears.
Performance? I gained a noticeable increase in horse power. Im not a tech. so I go by feel and sound. Before when I got on it hard and hit passing gear the motor reved but sounded and felt like it wanted to give more but was restricted and the power never reached the ground. After the change, the intake sounds 100% better like it is getting the air it needs. I also, for the first time, felt myself pushed back into the seat. Needless to say I had a smile on my face. Would I do it again or reccomend it to you.
I would and I am.........Happy Jeepin.

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