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ChrisFish 04-07-2013 05:27 PM

High idle after thermostat change.
I recently did a thermostat change since the one that was in there was defective and causing the 2.5l to operate at about 160F. So after the change the Jeep got up to temperature and everything was fine and dandy, except when I got in it and was about to take off, the idle bumped up from 1000 RPMs to about 1400 RPMs. I fiddled with the throttle a little bit, but nothing changed. I took it around the block and the idle started to fall in and out between 1000 RPMs and 1400 RPMs. I am reluctant to alter the idle since I want to figure out why it is changing in the first place. Also will altering the idle change the way it will get up to temperature? Since now it operates at 195F which is significantly higher than what it was before. Just looking for clarification. Thanks.

Que89YJ 04-08-2013 09:24 AM

195 is perfect, you will definitely notice an improvement in your fuel economy. You probably have a loose vacuum line. Use a can of carb cleaner and spray around to find it. Listen for an idle change as you spray around the throttlebody and all the vacuum mess under there.

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